Feel Good

You want to feel good ALL the time.

Why can’t you feel good all the time?

Okay, maybe not ALL the time. But as much of the time as you can make it happen. And you know how to make it happen. A lot.




With lust, in the beginning, it’s like being high all the time.

When you’re in love-lust with, let’s say, Alex, and Alex is in lust-love with you, every waking moment feels like you’re half a pill short of OD-ing on oxycodone.



You’ve never been prescribed oxycodone, but you’ve heard about its gift of the happiest of highs. And you were prescribed a delicious dosage of Percocet once, so you have an idea how deliriously happy that high must be.

But alas, the drug went the way of long-term relationships over time: the high leveled off and you began to feel like a zombie.

Why does that have to happen?

Why can’t relationships forever feel high, like they do in the beginning?

Why can’t that feeling stay?

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