The Eyes Have It: Hunters

hunter-with-dead-bullHave you ever wondered how hunters can kill animals for fun, sport, or any other self-satisfying reason?

Or have you instead wondered why non-hunters are such bleeding hearts?

In this 2-Part Foreign Eyes Friday, I’ve compiled quotes from proponents and critics of the hunt.

Have a look.

Are you able to see hunting through foreign eyes?



(Note: In the interest of privacy, these respondents shall remain anonymous.)

“The urge to kill lies within us all, especially as children. Without proper channelling of these instincts, children often grow into physically abusive and/or murderous adults. Can any of us honestly say that, as kids, we didn’t shoot birds with our slingshots and bb guns, or set homemade traps for other critters? I say that if you can say that, then you either never had an opportunity as a child, or you’re an exception to the rule of human nature.” — Russ Chastain


It’s a way to connect with nature on a level you can’t understand unless you do it.”

Animals suffer all the time. It’s really no different than one getting hit by a car.”

“Hunting is the most profound rite of passage from boyhood to manhood.” 

“We wouldn’t have kids shooting up their schools if they had game to hunt. I believe this. I started my kids, my boys and my girl, on their twelth [sic] birthdays.”

People have been hunting for food for thousands of years…if you got an issue with it, take it up with your God.

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