Let Them Eat Cake!

Qu’ils mangent de la brioche!

Queen Marie Antoinette may not actually have said this, but her lavish spending, while her country was starving, trumpeted “Let them eat cake!” from the rooftop of her palatial palace.


This week’s Smackdown goes to our corporate-contolled government – from those who caused it, to those who let it slide – for steadily & unabashedly transforming our nation’s once-proud slogan, “For the People,” into a new, shameful slogan, “For the Money.”


“…government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

— Abe Lincoln

Sorry, Abe. Perish, it has.

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It Begins With ‘C-h…’

Do you know what the most powerful word in the world is?


                                                   “No. Change.

                                                                 — Mistresses


Blaque Diamonds

Michael Moore Pleads for More Thorough News Coverage of Corporate America’s Liability in Income Inequality

michael-mooreFilmmaker/Documentarist Michael Moore put out an impassioned plea to U.S. mainstream news media regarding their coverage of corporate interests and the Occupy Wall Street protests.

This is a rigged casino,” says Moore, in an interview with a CNBC news anchor.

The guys on [Wall Street] played with people’s futures, people’s pension funds, credit default swaps, no regulation from D.C. And it’s still going on!

And if I could just very respectfully ask you and CNBC, you know, you are in this, you are journalists, it’s your job not just to report that the DOW is up 95 points already today, but to go in there and find out what’s really happening. Who’s making this money? Who’s dividing this pie up so that the one percent get the majority of it? That’s really the story. That’s the story your fellow Americans want you to do,” Moore pleaded. “So, please do your job! Please!


Do you agree with Michael Moore’s appeal for more thorough news coverage of corporate America’s role in income inequality?


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