Zombie Movie Medley

little-zombiePop in your eyes, and ogle this great zombie video collection, called ZomboMania: The History of the Zombie Movie.

It has over 30 mini-movie compilations that takes you through the entire history of zombie movies from b/w’s to the present day.

I spent a Saturday watching them all, and they are riveting in the scene selections and sheer volume of zombie movies from the past that I never knew existed.


There are talking zombies, and tongue-kissing/eating zombies, Harley-riding zombies, and even brain-not-so-dead zombies that flip the script by beheading people with sickles and machetes!

Moving forward in time, here’s another brain-chomping video compilation of the Top 10 Zombie Movies of the 21st century.


Dig your faves out of your brain & smear us with ’em!


Random Zombie Tuesday