Like a Star



Song: Like a Star

Artist: Corinne Bailey Rae

Country: England (Leeds)

Genre: Soulful Jazz



Mood: Like listening to warm honey glistening in the moonlight. Close your eyes, tilt your head back slightly, put your hand over your heart (or that secret place where deep feeling also flows)…and, just…glide away.


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This Gives Child Bumpers a New Meaning

The BBC reported today on “scary,” 3 foot-high, child-shaped bollards constructed in front of an elementary school in Plymouth, England.


Plymouth City Council, who constructed the bollards at a cost of aprox. $560 each, says, “In recent discussions with the school, it has been agreed that action to stop inconsiderate parking on pavements is a priority.”

However, some parents of the students have a different takeon the human-like bumpers.

“They’re expensive, the school has to foot the bill, and there’s no proof that they [are] more effective than normal bollards,” one parent commented.

“I think they might frighten the children,” says another.


“In the middle of the night you’ll see these weird-looking things,” another parent adds.

One parent sums it up by comparing the bollards to a humanoid alien from a British sci-fi tv show. “They look hideous, like something out of Doctor Who.”


What do you think about these controversial bollards?


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