Medieval Zombies

medieval-zombieWhere do zombies come from, anyway?

It’s not like God created them.

I mean, every human attribute is gone.

We’ve heard that zombies have something to do with Haitian voodoo; the word ‘zombie’ means “animated corpse” in some form of Creole I am not familiar with. I did learn Haitian Creole during my post-quake work there, but there is no word for zombie as we define it.

Moreover, I attended a few voodoo ceremonies there and they are nothing like what we might imagine. No stumbling zombies roaming the island in search of human flesh. Just very much alive Haitians touched by religious fervor.

And a couple of pints of clèrin.


Stumbling? Yes.

Zombies? Not any that I ever saw.

I mean, no one tried to eat me.

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Deep Thoughts

Some thoughts are so profound, you really have to take time out to contemplate them fully.


For example…




What happens if you get scared half to death…twice?




Why do we eat square meals on round plates?




If love isn’t a game, why are there so many players?


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