Our News Media: Weapons of Mass Distraction

north-korea-missile-launchNorth Korea attempted to launch a missile, dangerously defying a nuclear weapons agreement with the U.S.

The jobs report showed a disturbing economic slowdown, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released an announcement concerning the re-vamping of rules in an effort to help homeowners manage their mortgages.

Mitt Romney lied and fearmongered in a speech he gave at the National Rifle Association (NRA) national convention.

Our student debt crisis is an open keg of gunpowder with live wires dancing around it.

These are just a few immediately concerning newsworthy events which took place in one week’s time, each with great potential impact on U.S. citizens.

Which issue saturated U.S. news media that week?

hillary-rosen-vs-ann-romneyHillary Rosen’s remarks about Ann Romney.

An important social issue, for sure. But far from the immediate potentially life-threatening issues of nuclear-capable North Korean defiance, demonstrated and unreported economic slowdown, new CFPB rules that could help us hang on to our homes, the threat of an impending explosion to our already-suffering economy…and the list on goes on – for just that week alone.

If not to inform us about vital information we absolutely need to know in order to maintain democracy, plan our lives accordingly, make intelligent decisions, and simply be well and correctly informed…what exactly is American news media really about?

Many American news journalists have and are coming forward in past and recent years to answer this question, and to speak openly about the dangerous slide into government and corporate-controlled censorship of U.S. news media.

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