10 Years From Now…



This is what happens when blogging while jet lagged, and inhaling secondhand weed fumes from the pothead sitting next to you during a seven-hour layover that feels more like 10 years in an airless foreign airport…



In 10 years, I will be 10 years older than I am now.

You will be 10 years older than you are now.

Everyone will be 10 years older than they are right now.

 There will be 10 additional years of winters, springs, summers and falls. We will all be 10 years closer to the End of the World – except those who create their own personal Armageddon 10 years beforehand.


 In 10 years, the deficit will have accumulated an additional 10 years worth of debt. Taxpayers will be 10 years closer to revolt as taxes advance 10 years closer to a 70% margin for those ‘fortunate’ enough to be in the 50% tax bracket.

In 10 years George W. Bush will have come up with 10 years worth of additional lies to cover his WMD lie over 10 years ago. Ten percent more Americans will support each lie 10 times more fervently than they did 10 years before. Fox News will present each lie as God’s own Truth 10 times a day in 10 percent less fair and accurate news reporting.


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“Knock off Obama”

This Smackdown goes to Liz Trotta, who should trot straight to ‘Hell‘ without passing ‘Go‘ for this outrageous, racist “joke.”

Fox News should roast as well, for merely laughing along with her!


Apparently, powerful Trotta is permitted to exercise her freedom of speech about killing the president, but those less powerful are not. A high school girl received a visit from the Secret Service for a cartoon she posted on her blog about killing then-president Bush.


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