The Journalistic Notion of Objectivity: Missing White Girl Syndrome (Part 2)

You are a very privileged girl.

You are Brown..




                          Fit the mold of Western-media-as-politics perfectly.

arab-woman-manIf you die at the hands of an Arab man, everyone in the Western world will know about it before your blood dries.

Your (preferably) veiled face, your context-free story will saturate Western mainstream media. 

Reporters will sensationalize your tortured Muslim female weakness and oppression. Only the parts of you which fit their ideology shall be spoken. Negatives will make headlines. Nothing shall challenge their dominant image of Islam.

News coverage of majors wars, economic crisis, celebrity gossip, and even U.S. coverage of minority male criminals will be obliterated in the light that shines upon your dark fate.

Never fear, exotic one.

The media is all yours. 

You have no competition. 

You, dusky one, are the most important dead girl of them all. At last, favorable enough to share a marquis with the fair-haired ones…

Does this scenario make you angry?


Because you believe it is a lie?

Or the truth?

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