restoration-islandWhat if you had just over 10 million dollars?

And then you lost it?

What would you do?

Cry? Rage? Turn your back on civilization & move to a deserted island?

That’s what David Glasheen did, making himself a modern-day Robinson Caruso.

As reported by Daily Mail, twenty-five years ago, Glasheen lost his 10 million dollar (6.5 British pounds) fortune in the 1987 stock market crash. Five years later, the Aussie business tycoon ditched civilization to become a castaway on a tiny island along the north-eastern coast of Australia.

His sole companion? His dog, Quasi.

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Blade Runner


Oscar Pistorius

Does a runner with no legs have an advantage over other runners?

Hang on.

Runner with no legs?

Isn’t that an oxymoron?

Not if you’re Oscar Pistorius, the world’s first double-amputee athlete to compete at the Olympics.

But if you do happen to be Oscar Pistorius, don’t expect everyone to cheer you on. And don’t count on prosthetics to be your saving grace in the 2012 London games. Those life-altering prosthetics may turn out to be your downfall.

Says Rick Morrissey of the Chicago Sun Times, “I think those blades give the South African runner a competitive advantage, and that he shouldn’t have been allowed to participate in the Olympics.”

Morrissey is not alone in his criticism of the use of prosthetics in the Olympics.

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Occupying Israeli Settlement Profits


“Danger: Israeli products help fund the oppression and murder of Palestinians.”

A major European supermarket chain has decided to boycott any companies exporting produce from illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

As reported in The Guardian, British Cooperative Group (BCG), one of the largest food retailers in the United Kingdom with a policy already in place against importing produce from illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank, is now extending that policy by ending trade with companies who still export such products.

Says Hilary Smith, a BCG Co-op member and agricultural trade coordinator, the company is making the move in order to “take the lead internationally by this historic decision to hold corporations accountable for complicity  in Israel’s violations of Palestinian human rights. We strongly urge other retailers to take similar action.” Continue reading

The 3 S’s in P-e-n-i-s



Size. Sound. Semen.

Um…things related to a p-e-n-i-s!

Ding! Ding Ding! 🙂




Okay, you know I love animal research. I’ve traveled to Costa Rica to study mating rituals in various reptile species…to Sri Lanka to study familial relationships in elephant groups…to Madagascar to study offspring relationships between lemur mothers & newborns…the list goes on.

If I could, I would travel country by country absorbing every ounce of animal knowledge I could – from how they eat to how they have s-e-x.

That’s what’s these fascinating news items are about. Animal s-e-x. Specifically, that almighty protuberance prized much more by male homosapiens than animals.

The p-e-n-i-s.

As it turns out, size does matter.

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Spain’s Stolen Babies


Heinous crime beyond belief.

But what if it was all about belief?

Not money. Not pedophilia.


A belief promoted by the government as a means of supporting the country’s politics.

This is exactly what happened in Spain, according to a report by Time World: “Spain’s Stolen-Babies Scandal: Empty Graves and a Silent Nun.

In the years just after Spain’s civil war, Spanish dictator Francisco Franco arrested tens of thousands of former Republicans and other dissidents. The children of these dissidents were taken away from their families and placed in state-run orphanages or convents to be reassigned to families “whose values better coincided with the regime’s.”

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Turkey’s Response to U.S. Oil Sanctions Against Iran

no-oil-from-iran-signIn compliance with U.S. demands that countries reduce dependence on Iranian oil, Turkey is drawing up plans to decrease a portion of its supply of the natural resource from the Islamic republic.

Instead, Turkey will purchase about 1 million tons of crude oil from Libya in 2012.

We believe that this was the right step to take, to boost our commercial relationship with Libya and help with the normalization of the country,” says Turkey’s Energy Minister, Taner Yıldız.

However, this reduction in dependence on Iranian oil does not signify agreement with the U.S. regarding Iran’s nuclear intentions.

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“Funeral Wakes” for Irish Emigrees

donegal_mapIn County Donegal, Ireland, “funeral wakes” abound.

Not for the dead, but instead for émigrées.

As reported by Al Jazeera, young Irishmen are being forced to find work abroad.

Unable to locate a teaching job in his home country, 34 year-old Irish émigrée Donnan Harvey has resorted to accepting work in Nigeria.

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Palestine Joins UNESCO; U.S. Cuts Them Off

unesco-flags UNESCO, the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, admitted Palestine as a full member this week after receiving 107 “YES” votes, a two-thirds majority.

As reported by The Washington Post, “Huge cheers erupted in the Paris meeting hall when the Palestinian membership was approved.” However, the U.S., having voted “NO” along with a minority of other countries – which included its staunch ally Israel – had an altogether different response.

Says the Post, “The United States promptly responded by cutting off funding for the agency.” But, as reported by Al Jazeera, “Ahmed Yousef, a Hamas official and the deputy foreign minister in Gaza, called it a “great achievement” and said the vote “shows that Israel and America are not dictating politics to the world anymore.

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Carpooling Making a Serious Comeback


In light of current global financial downturns, an old transportation venue rapidly spreading throughout 5,000 cities in 45 countries is poised to make a serious U.S. comeback.


As reported by FastCompany‘s Michael J. Coren, “It is possible the recession, and rising oil prices, will push more Americans to share rides to work each day. There will likely be plenty of carpool competition to put them there.”


Would you/Do you carpool?

Why/Why not?


World News Wednesday

World’s First Fat Tax

fat-person's-stomachDenmark has become the first country ever to impose a tax on all foods containing saturated fats.

Butter, milk, pizza, oils, even pre-cooked foods…all will now be taxed in the amount of 16 kroner (aprox. US $2.87) per kilogram of saturated fat. For the past week, in order to avoid the pending price increases, Denmark citizens have been stocking up on saturated fatty items.

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