Never Turning Back

Thank you to juwannadoright for bringing this song to my attention. The current state of our nation begs that every American listen to this song. Repeatedly.


Song: Never Turning Back

Artist: Pat Humphries

Country: U.S. (performed by talented Aussie singer Judy Small)

Genre: Inspirational

Mood: Grab some tissues. If you have hope & a heart, this song will move you to tears.


World Music Monday


Ships on the Ocean

Song: Ships on the Ocean

          Artist: Junior Wells

                     Country: U.S. (Memphis, TN)

                                  Genre: Blues


Mood: Maxin’ & relaxin’…skeeters buzzin’ round sweaty glasses of sweet tea on the side porch in the heat of Tennessee twilight.


World Music Monday


The Longest Road

Song: The Longest Road

            Artist: Morgan Page

                           Country: Vermont

                                              Genre: Techno



What can I say? For me, this song is an essential travel necessity. I can forget to pack water filters, but I can never forget to upload every possible dub of this song.

It’s gotten me into places I would otherwise have never seen, and out of situations I may not have survived.  Warriors literally put down their guns & picked up this rhythm – from the gangster-controlled tent camps of post-quake Haiti, to the underground world of Afghanistan’s hip-hop culture.

I’ve danced myself down to sweat puddles to this song in nearly every country I’ve been to – with everyone from children to a 74-yr. old man with one leg using a length of lead pipe for a crutch!

The places that knew this song, rocked it endlessly. The places that didn’t (and didn’t have internet access), begged & bribed me to send it to them when I returned home.

There’s just something inexplicably visceral about this song that crosses generations, countries, and cultures…


World Music Monday



Song: Controlar

           Artist: Ceci Bastida

                        Country: Mexico (Tijuana)

                                        Genre: Rock Latino


Mood: Can’t listen to this without jumping up, thrashing some hair, grabbing an air mic & singing every rockin’ word.


World Music Monday


On my Own

Song: On My Own

            Artist: Ashes Remain

                          Country: U.S. (Pennsylvania / Florida)

                                            Genre: Gospel Rock


Mood: Rockin’ for the Lord to a supremely hair-swinging groove.


World Music Monday


The Stranger Song

I love discovering old artists! I learned about this artist from Mike, a commenter here. Thanx, Mike! 🙂


Song: The Stranger Song

Artist: Leonard Cohen

Country: Canada

Genre: Rock (Rock & Roll Hall of Fame)



Mood: From the very first notes…mellow sorrow w/ a strangely uplifting effect. Maybe it’s the combo of incredible guitar-strumming behind a worn-velvet voice that reaches in & gently squeezes your emotion so you have to listen…repeatedly.


World Music Monday


Nothing Else Matters

Song: Nothing Else Matters

              Artist: Lissie

                          Country: U.S. (Illinois)

                                        Genre: Metal


Mood: A slow, sultry slide into the depths of a classic.


World Music Monday