Bakiri Ban

 Song: Bakiri Ban

             Artist: Jon Kano (no bio avail)

                             Country: Cuba


                                                                 Genre: Afro-Cuban

                                                                                   Mood: Let the sweat fly!

And I do mean SWEAT!

On a hot night, on Cuba’s Malecón, we danced our half-naked, dripping wet boodies off to this beat until I felt I wasn’t even human anymore. I had become a part of this beat and every bodily function pulsated to this rhythm.

But a huge Gulf wave slapped us out of our communal funktified fugue, and we jumped into the ocean to add our salty sweat to the Gulf.


Good times!



World Music Monday


À la Dérive

                              Song: À la dérive

                                      ArtistFabrice Rouzier



Country: Haiti

Genre: Kompa

Mood: Relaxed groovin’ to get your Kompa on.



World Music Monday


Blind To You

                                                                               Song: Blind to You

                                                                  Artist: Collie Buddz

                                               Country: Bermuda



Genre: Reggae

 Mood: Rhythm sucking you up in it…everything rolling…smoooooth.


World Music Monday

Buenos Dias San Juan

                          SongBuenos Dias San Juan

ArtistDomino Saints

                                                    CountryPuerto Rico (San Juan)

                                                                   Genre: Urban Pop Latino


Mood: Pull the pin from your hair…shake it out…hitch up that skirt…now, go!


World Music Monday