Labor of Love

This kid is amazing.


He’s a Canadian teenager who’s created a blog dedicated entirely to providing interesting and life-saving info about a myriad of animal species around the globe.

I’m so impressed by his passionate effort to save animals by getting the word out about the goings-on in the animal world.


Fennec foxes.

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Seeing in the Dark

A blind photographer creates visionary art.

Photographer Craig Royal: “My peripheral vision is blurred, and my central vision is obscured by a white blindspot.”

I can’t even imagine what the world looks like through those eyes, but if his photos are any indication…beauty is everywhere!





Sylver Lining Sunday


Perfect Place (Winter)


It’s not a real place, so of course it’s perfect.

It snows all the time, and the sun shines only when I want it to.

It rains only on days when I can sleep in….

…lulled back into slumber by that wonderful trickling water sound that makes me feel all warm & cozy under my down comforter.

Since everything is snow-covered, I don’t have to worry about pruning trees, cutting grass or tending a demanding garden. It’s always a picture-perfect winter wonderland.

When I venture out, the only sound is the muted scrunch of boots in the snow, and an occasional tinker-bell shattering of fallen icicles. Sometimes, a hunk of snow drops from a tree limb, and I’ll hear the soft “mffft” of snow meeting snow.

I love that sound.

So luscious.

In this perfect place, no cars drive the streets, no children come out to play. No one shatters the silence and snowy perfection. Everything stays as it fell. Even my own footprints disappear behind me as I walk.


But my little Sweet Pea’s don’t.

They stay forever.

Perfect little paw prints…the sweetest sight of all.





Sylver Lining Sunday