Friday Blaque List 23

What I’m….




Manners & Customs in the Bible” by Victor H. Matthews



1. That guys back then were required to wear beards or risk being branded unholy. Their beards had to be very long, and squared off at the bottom.


I saw this in parts of Afghanistan. There was a booming business in selling fake beards for guys unable to grow their own long enough, or thick enough.

2. Harlots were required to go unveiled with their hair exposed in public, or risk torture and death by law. Which must mean that all other women wore veils with their hair covered in public


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Diary of an American Girl’s Journeys to the Forbidden Land (Excerpt 17)

Victor the historian did not amuse us (well, some of us) any further.

He started off with some Cuban history a few of us already knew.

Or thought we did.

We knew it the way it was taught to us in the States…


…which becomes unrecognizable with all the holes filled in


…and uncomfortably reminiscent of our own whitewashed but still celebrated Columbus-discovers-America fairy tales.

Turns out, Columbus ‘discovered‘ Cuba, too. 🙄

Poor Cuba.

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Diary of an American Girl’s Journeys to the Forbidden Land (Excerpt 15)

Cuba 2005


Photo: Sylver Blaque/Museo de la Revolucion, Habana

11:14pm Karli  & Dana out at bar with a few others from group.

All quiet here in our room.

I don’t think they get my predilection to stay in with journal when there’s Cuba night life out there to experience. But I don’t drink, haven’t slept since I got here so no energy left in my hip-swivel, and I’d rather re-live each day in all detail here with you.

So, today was a tour of the Museo de la Revolution, which was captivating. I could have spent the entire day there, hours and hours just viewing and processing everything.

I took many bad photos because the lighting was awful and this new camera’s settings are a mystery to me, so I just spent the few hours we had at the museum clicking and hoping for a few decent shots.


Photo: Sylver Blaque/Museo de la Revolucion, Havana.

The moment you walk in, you’re greeted by a Gone With the Wind / Tara plantation dramatically wide marble staircase leading up to a bust of Jose Marti.

Above his marble bust are clearly visible bullet holes in the wall.


I’ve never seen actual bullet holes in modern-day structures connected to notorious history-making events.

Armando explained to us that this museo was the presidential palace of Fulgencio Batista. During the Cuban Revolution, university students stormed Batista’s palace in an attempt to assassinate their murderous, U.S.-supported dictator president who’s army had been rampaging the country killing everyone who spoke out against him.

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Friday Blaque List 15

What I….


The SOPA bill grants CORPORATIONS and GOVERNMENTS the freedom to CENSOR any embarrassing information about them on the internet by shutting down sites without having to provide infringement claims, or going through the court system.


Recap: Governments and Corporations would be able to immediately and freely shut down any internet sites that post info which rubs them the wrong way!!



A steaming pile of corporate-controlled government…



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Friday Blaque List 6

What I’m…

Thinking about

Why getting older is such a bad thing in this country.



1. Sympathy…confusion…angry at the injustice to women. Because it seems to be okay for men in this country to age. No stigma. Still considered attractive enough to dump their aging wives to power-up with younger arm-candy.


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