Up Above the Northern Lights


Song: Up Above the Northern Lights

Artist: Mannheim Steamroller

Country: U.S. (Ohio)

Genre: Holiday Music


Mood: That after-dinner, stuffed, satiated-feeling, belly-up on the sofa with family all around, everyone’s shirts barely covering protruding bellies, ripped gift paper all over the place ‘cuz too comfy & pooped to clean it up because barely able to keep eyes open with this song lulling you to sleep…


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Štědrej Večer Nastal


SongŠtědrej večer nastal

Another beautifully played versionŠtědrej večer nastal

ArtistKühnův Dětský Sbor

Country: Czech Republic




World Music Monday


Fox News Anchor Tells Kids: No Santa!

This Smackdown goes to the Fox News anchor who, just weeks before Christmas, announced to every child in America that there is no Santa.

Right before Christmas!


What. Was. She. Thinking??!!

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A Day in the Life: Fa La La La La – La La La – La!

christmas_presents_avalancheYou want to be the most giving parent possible.

You refuse to be a parental Scrooge at Christmastime.

How do parents limit the giving of gifts to their children on the very day of the year dedicated to showering gifts upon kids?

Parents who do so, well, let’s just say you’ll pray for their kids at Christmas mass.

Your kid, on the other hand, is blessed with you as a parent.

In spite of misguided parents creating the next generation of self-flagellating adults who have minimal regard for their own self-worth, you are determined that your child know her worth. And isn’t it your job to fulfill your child’s wishes to the full extent of your ability?

Of course it is.

Whether by good behavior, or bad – she will learn that a parent’s love is always to be expected. You will teach her that rewards are hers just for being the light of your life. It is your duty as a loving, responsible parent to raise a healthy, happy child in a society peopled with self-loathing miscreants.

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World Christmas News Roundup 2

1.  This Christmas season, the Ten Commandments will be on display in a once-in-a-lifetime-exhibit, featuring the Dead Sea Scrolls and over 500 other never-before-seen artifacts from biblical times.





2.  Our commercially driven society is chock full o’ pressure to be on-the-go without pause during the holiday season. When parents feel stressed, it trickles down to the children. When children feel stressed, they typically act out or melt down. Patch.com provides tips to help avoid this downward spiral.

stressed-girl-with-christmas-treeAnd how do you help an autistic child get through all the madness of the holidays?

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These Are A Few of My Favorite Things…

christmas-gifts-under-treeI love Christmas.

So much!

It’s the only time of year when everyone seems to be feeling good all at the same time.

‘Happy’ and ‘Christmas‘ just go together like a hand in a glove.

Wouldn’t it be great if every month could be as feel-good as December?

Sooooo…in honor of this yummy holiday, I’m sharing a few of my favorite things about Christmas…

1. The Anticipation!


Of uniting with family, friends, of their responses to my gifts, of the food, the parties and dancing, the dressing up, the great conversations, shared stories and photos.

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Candy Cane Christmas

Song: Candy Cane Christmas

        Artist: Darius Rucker

                   Country: U.S. (Charleston, S.C.)

                                    Genre: Country Christmas

                                                  Mood: Soulful Christmas groove.



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