Dense Danish Design

danish-design-homeThink your living space is cramped?

Take a peek at typical Danish design.

Oprah took a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark to tour an average Danish home – a family with three kids whose room is so compact that Oprah was nearly able to touch all walls with outstretched arms!

Oprah’s response?


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A Day in the Life: Happy Thanksgiving / Celebrating Genocide

first-thanksgivingAh, Thanksgiving.

Crunchy leaves and colors, slight chill in the air.

First Thanksgiving decorations of happy pilgrims and Indians sharing mounds of food and friendship…creating a wonderful history for a great nation.

Heartfelt prayers of gratitude over turkey with stuffing, cranberry sauce, butter beans, warm apple cider and sweet potato pie…stomach kept empty and ready for it all.


Spirituality, family fun (and fights), making new memories for the photo album before all stumble from kitchen to living room to pass out like beached whales…bellies just as round.

Contented fatigue, pleasant conversation, crackling fire in the hearth…warm…cozy.


Happy Thanksgiving!



Not again.


A chill in the air…just a touch of the terror your ancestors felt as they were poisoned and butchered by God-fearing Pilgrims.

Leaves the color of blood crunching beneath your feet like the bones of your ancestors strewn across the lands of this great nation.

A nation that once belonged to your forefathers, before it was wrenched away and re-fertilized with their blood and bones. A nation that now glorifies this massacre, and those who led it, rewriting genocide into a warm-fuzzy family fable.

A fable you must suffer through, year after year.

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Standing Babas

standing-babaYou stand.


Every minute of every day.

You do not sit, lay, or even squat.


And you do this by choice.


In one of the most fascinating countries in the world, India, there is a form of Hindu Tapa   which promises spiritual enlightenment by way of self-inflicted pain.

What kind of pain?


For 12 years.

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Slugs vs. Geckos

morning-sleepy-personYou are not a morning person.

At all.

Mornings for you, no matter how well you’ve slept, mean shuffling sluggishly through a thick fog that takes a full hour to clear.

Silence is key.

Your brain synapses are awakening verrrrry slowly.

Average-decibel sounds are magnified. Normal motion is a full-on attack to your somnolent senses. Aggressive interaction could possibly knock you into a coma.

No, you don’t drink. You’re not on drugs. You’re not in a bad mood, either. This is just your physical make up, it’s how you’re programmed.

You are a morning slug.

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fat-person-in-love You have a secret.

You’re turned on by fat people.

It’s a secret because, in your society, most everyone is turned off by fat people.

But not you.

You love them.

You want to get close to them.

You want to kiss them, hold them, rub their wobbly bellies and have sex with them.

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Amish: Dress Design by Ordnung

amish_women_in_buggy You belong to the Swartzentruber Amish sect.

But not to the Old Order; they have become much too modernized for your taste.

Instead of following more diligently the laws of the Old Order Ordnung – which dictate every aspect of Amish lifestyle from wardrobe to hair length for women, from buggy laws to farming techniques for men – the Old Order Ordnung, sadly, in your opinion, began embracing all manner of 21st century evils.

The women began wearing bright colors, like blues that weren’t navy, browns that were nearly beige, and grays that may as well be dingy white. And the men brought electricity into their homes – even telephones, for heaven’s sake! Everyone knows that a telephone in the home is a direct connection to the wickedness of the outside world.

Owning vain items, creating inequality within the community, and destroying the family structure is not something you care to embrace, thank you very much.

You, proudly, belong to the honorable sect of Swartzentruber Amish – the True Old Order. The sect that wisely branched off from the modernizing Old Order. You follow the True Old Order Ordnung – the most conservative and restrictive laws of all Amish Ordnungs.

You are an honorable Amish woman.

You awaken before dawn each morning, pray, and dress carefully according to True Old Order Ordnung guidelines,

Beginning with your underwear.

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Animal Love


You love animals.

They are just so amazing.

Especially furry cuties.

Their little brown eyes melt you. Their fur is so soft, and soothing to run your fingers through. Their wriggly l’il bodies vibrate with excitement whenever they’re near you – they so love scurrying around your legs, rubbing up against you. Oh! And the way their precious little noses twitch makes their sweet whiskers tickle your hand.


Now, some people are animal kissers. Some, not so much. But you… you are a bonified animal smoocher. You can’t help leaning down and planting one on those shiny l’il noses, can you? I know. Me, too.

But not this time.

Not these animals.

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Whose Truth?

bacteriaNasty, putrid things are growing inside me like a cancer.

A result of ‘truth.’

Which is supposed to be a good thing, right?

But this is the kind of ‘truth,’ I believe, most of us turn away from.


It’s a kind of knowledge that makes you question things you once thought unquestionable.

Things that, deep down, you know may not be the whole truth – because you’ve heard the rumblings of a different truth. But that different truth messes with your head…messes with your ideology…messes with your comfort zone.

And that different truth comes from people you can’t relate to.

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A Different Kind of Love


You’re awake.

You’re alive.

You’re…in Love.

You feel elated, ecstatic. Completely, unabashedly happy.


Nothing has ever felt like this.

Your heart, your whole psyche sings. Pastels meld into psychedelica; bright colors rage. You don’t even need to eat anymore. Love is your sustenance. It keeps you going with an energy you’ve never obtained from mere food.

You now realize that love song lyrics are written expressly for you.

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