Sick Snooty Loses Face to Sikh Beauty

What if one day someone took a photo of you, without your knowledge, and shared it publicly with the world?


Not a naked photo. Just a regular photo in which you are fully clothed, groomed to your normal standards, and looking beautiful.

And, what if that person who took your photo to share with the world did so, not in admiration of your beauty, but to ridicule you?

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The Most Happy

happy-danish-womanSocial scientists have created a World Map of Happiness by studying the overall life happiness of hundreds of thousands of people around the globe.

The results show that the happiest place on earth is Denmark.



Isn’t that a Socialist country? And, isn’t it rainy & dreary there most of the year?

Well, sort of. And yes.

Denmark isn’t completely a ‘socialist state,’ but does have socialist welfare reforms. And yes, it rains on a regular basis year-round there, with no true dry periods. In the capital, Copenhagen, it rains an average of 170 days out of the year.

But dreary? Well, maybe in winter – the sun doesn’t rise until 8am, and sets around 3:30pm. But that’s typical for Scandinavia. To balance it out, summer boasts looooong, sun-shiny days that last from sunrise at 3:30am til sunset at 10pm.

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Face Off

gurning-manIt feels weird.

You contemplate the things you’ll no longer be able to do.

No more chewing. No more biting. No more bottle-cap opening at the pub.

But on the bright side…

…there are irksome things you’re happy to be liberated from: no more brushing…no more grinding your teeth in your sleep.

Because you’ve had them removed.


It’s the best way to ensure your championship status. Now, no one will have an uglier face than you! 🙂

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Dense Danish Design

danish-design-homeThink your living space is cramped?

Take a peek at typical Danish design.

Oprah took a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark to tour an average Danish home – a family with three kids whose room is so compact that Oprah was nearly able to touch all walls with outstretched arms!

Oprah’s response?


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The American Smile


When we smile at someone, we expect them to smile back.

No matter what country we’re in.

Smiling is the universal symbol for friendliness. Right?


As it turns out, smiling is quite cultural.

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