Stinky ‘Stuff’: Can’t Get Enough

stinky-smell-faceRemember that “Yuck!” face you made at the last ‘Stinky Stuff‘ post?

Remember how I warned you to save that face for this post?

Well, warm up your “Yuck!” face muscles.

‘Cuz chances are you’ll pull something screwing up your face while reading this post!

When it comes to the question of what sparks eros, there is nothing as sublime as the strong, clear scent of one’s not-too-recently bathed beloved.”

Hugo Schwyzer


Such poetic expression of man’s love for erogenous stench.

But is Hugo alone in his rhapsody of a woman’s stinky ‘stuff‘?

What about guys who wretch rather than worship the stink? Are these guys more ‘normal’ than Hugo?

Not according to some stink lovers.

But brace yourself. Because these stinky ‘stuff’-loving voices are not quite as romantic as Hugo.

These voices are verrrry expressive about just how stinky they like their ‘stuff.’

‘Dood’ says: “Any guy who nitpicks p**sy has too much time on his hands, and too little p**sy on his johnson!”

‘Sativaz’ says: “…when she takes off her jeans 6 hours into a 90  degree summer day -good stuff! The sweetest salt of all!

‘Sigormo’ says: “Secretly, we hate that women wash so much. If they knew how many of us crave their stink, they’d never bathe again. The smellier, the better. I like to fish. And I eat what I catch.

‘Mystyfydu’ says: “I don’t care what it smells like as long as I’m getting some.”

‘Zolanski’ says: “Guys can’t say this stuff out loud, but there’s a boatload of us dying for nasty-smelling [‘stuff’]. Sometimes, it’s why we cheat, because our wives won’t let it marinade awhile for us. So we find women who will because you can’t get that gamy, pissy, yeasty, weeks-old dirty [‘stuff’] smell from watching porn. See why we can’t say this stuff out loud?

And, like Hugo, ‘HubbyHound’ waxed romantic about his wife’s stinky ‘stuff’: “I love when we meet up on a Friday after work, and party til dawn. She gets pretty tipsy, so when we get home she just crashes into bed. She hasn’t showered since that morning, so her [‘stuff’] is nice & rank, and she’s too tipsy & exhausted to clean up or push me away because she doesn’t feel clean enough. I stay down there for hours…rare slice of funky-female heaven!

Is one of these guys yours? Wondering what to get him for Christmas?

Well, look no further!


Vulva Perfume: Authentically Natural V*ginal Flavor. Yep, this a real product. And it’s flying discreetly off the shelves of even high-end stores!

Got your “Yuck!” face back on?

Well, I did warn you that ‘stuff‘ was going to get waaaay stinkier in this post!

Now, freshen up & read on.

Because stink-hounds may be more ‘normal’ than we know.

Scientists the world over say women are at their most pungent during ovulation, and it’s during this timeframe that males become most highly aroused by females. This is a biological response of mating-related behavior by males. Masking or washing away the natural smells of female genitalia also reduces the level of sexual arousal experienced by most men.

According to Eric B. Keverne, professor of Behavioral Neuroscience at Cambridge University in the UK, and author of ‘Advances in the Study of Behavior’: “Odor cues act on the arousal mechanism…influencing behavior and sexual performance.”

And, like most scientists, Keverne contends that the stronger the odor of female genitalia, the more aroused the male becomes.

Says Florida Statue University psychological scientists Jon Manner & Saul Miller, “Women spend billions annually on perfumes to help attract a mate, but no perfume may be better than natural hormones.”

Need proof?

Just ask the commenters on “What Do They Smell Like?” (WARNING: Not for the faint at heart! Peek at your own risk…with eyes as foreign as your nose can stomach!)

For those who peeked…let’s take the rest of the day to clean up our cookies and recover.


History tells us that Empress Josephine’s stinky ‘stuff sent the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte into amorous lift-off.

With eyes as foreign as your stomach can take…can you see the attraction to stinky ‘stuff‘?


If you’ve got the washed or stinky balls to speak out about this, preach it!

If not, take the poll… 


Foreign Eyes Friday


19 thoughts on “Stinky ‘Stuff’: Can’t Get Enough

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  3. We protest too much when it comes to smells. We ARE still animals, after all is said and done. We shouldn’t deny nature. — YUR

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