Shifting Focus

wild-dancingThis past weekend was my bachelorette party. We went down to Atlantic City, and stayed at Harrah’s. At night, the hotel pool area is given a sort of pseudo club vibe…

I could practically smell the pheromones.

Naturally, I’d never been more grateful for my soon-to-be husband, or quite frankly, my age.

If I’ve ever wished I was twenty-two again, I don’t after this weekend…

At one point in the evening I found myself talking to a twenty-three year old guy who seemed flabbergasted at the thought of my getting married.

“That’s such a long time!” he kept saying.

“You’re twenty-three,” I responded, “For tonight, just focus on finding a dance partner.”

The Intrinsic Writer (“How the Club Scene Gave Me Insight on Characterization“)


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20 thoughts on “Shifting Focus

  1. Thanks for this, Sylver! When the post came through into my phone, I actually said out loud, ‘Sylver’s getting married?’ And then I’m like, ‘wait, these words sound familiar…’ LOL. Thanks again…appreciate it.

  2. As an old married guy….no, according to my son, a really old guy who probably pioneered the dinosaur specie, I can tell you after 36 yrs. of marriage to the same girl, I’m the only one who’s aged.
    We still celebrate when we hear our song…..’Do wah ditty ditty dum ditty du’….by, mutual consensus.

    Wishing you all the very best for a happy life together! Enjoy!

  3. These kinds of things remind me how happy I am to be an OLD married lady for the last eighteen years. If we’re going through a bad patch, I just think about how awful it would be to be single this day and time.

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