Was There Lotion in the Making of Bodies in Motion?

bodies-in-motion-montageThese are the words that came to mind as I watched this video:

  • Icky
  • Creepy
  • Peeping Tom
  • Exploitation
  • Men edited this


The super slow-mo’s on ass & crotch-shots, the numerous ass shots, the girls hugging while patting each other’s ass shots, and the creepy porn soundtrack made me wonder how many NBC executive erections this soft-porn-disguised-as-Olypmpic-footage video went through before airing.

This week’s Smackdown goes to NBC for its thinly veiled (because there are, after all, normal sports shots interspersed between all the ass shots) soft porn exploitation of female Olympians.

Must media coverage of female athletes always reduce them to penis catnip?


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What say you about this video?


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26 thoughts on “Was There Lotion in the Making of Bodies in Motion?

  1. Second comment….After some contemplation, I believe those responsible for the uniforms are bottom line responsible, and Women Athletes need to vociferously reject these uniforms as a group.

    I did watch women’s volleyball but, I also watched men’s volleyball with just as much enthusiasm. The uniforms didn’t even occur to me until, I read this article, and saw the video.

    NBC needs to issue an apology to the public, and an in-person, private apology to each of the women in the video. NBC should further assist, and otherwise contribute to uniforms appropriate to athletes, and athletics whether or, not they are the network of choice in 2016.

    • You know, you make a good point, Dave – which a few other commenters appear to agree with: that maybe women athletes should reject overly revealing uniforms. Something to think seriously about, but keeping in mind that whether they do or don’t, the type of objectification & exploitation in this video is unacceptable. NBC pulled the video, but only after a huge backlash from women.

  2. Must admit to watching the video all the way through. As a man, I will admit to enjoying some of it but, only for a moment.

    Would I watch it, again? Not really. Why? The video is nothing more than soft-porn exploitation, and everything else you say.

    Why make the Olympics in to a sexual circus? Will I watch for the games in 4 yrs.? I really hope so. Don’t want to be focusing on uniforms or, the lack of……

    To sum up, wished I hadn’t watched the video. I really want to watch the games in 2016.

  3. yeah, I agree. On the one hand, men will be men and get excited over women’s bits. On the other hand, half the viewing public is NOT men – and these women are not here as lust objects. They should be wearing something less revealing, maybe.

    • Thank you for this comment! What a great point you bring out – that men are not the only audience here. This video was obviously made for the viewing pleasure of men, with complete disregard for the millions of female sports viewers…

  4. Is there a reason they need to be so skimpily clad? I didn’t watch the Olympics, because I have cancelled my satellite service, but my mother did and expressed to me how appalled she was over the outfits of the female volleyball players. That being said, it in no way condones inappropriate crotch shots, etc.

    • Thank you for this comment. 🙂 You make a very important point that supercedes personal opinion about a woman’s attire : no matter what women chose to wear, it does not justify the creepy sexual exploitation on display in this mainstream news media video.

    • I understand your viewpoint, Brabara, and I’m glad you’re sharing it here. Love having alternate viewpoints presented, as I think it makes for enlightening conversation – so, thank you! 🙂

      You believe there was no intention to exploit. I would argue that, judging by this video, how do we know there was no intention toward exploitation? And, does women wearing what they want mean they should automatically be subjected to exploitation? This reminds me of the rape argument, in which some believe that if a woman dresses a certain way, she’s asking for it.

    • I would say that the intention is clear and it is creating a video sexually alluring to men.
      And I think that at least some of the girls don’t wear what they want, but what the team is supposed to wear — I don’t know how much of this decision goes to the girls.

      • You have a good point. But they are not Victoria Secret’s models.Parents and coaches make the final decisions I am certain.They were skimpy but as I watched there was only a couple of times a uniform drew my eyes from the event itself. But there could be some changes made for certain. Hugs, Barbara

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