Stinky ‘Stuff’: Can’t Take It

dog-sniffing-womans-crotchLet’s face it, ladies.

No matter how dainty you are, every now & then your ‘stuff’ gets stinky.

Intelligent? Good-looking? Sweet-smelling?

Fastidiously hygienic?

Guess what?

You still get stinky ‘stuff.’


The question is, to wash or not to wash?

While the answer may seem obvious to most, there are some who may need to check with their mate before lathering up. Who are these people? Well, let’s just say stinky ‘stuff‘ really gets their blood roiling.

Take Hugo, for example.

When it comes to the question of what sparks eros, there is nothing as sublime as the strong, clear scent of one’s not-too-recently bathed beloved.”


I like her best, however, when she’s home from the gym and unbathed. As she knows, my favorite vacations with her are the rustic ones, of the sort where I have a small chance of convincing her to go a day (or, God willing, several) without showering.”

Is your nose all scrunched up in a “Yuck!” face?

You might wanna save that face for Part 2 of this post.

‘Cuz it’s gonna get waaay stinkier.

The fact is, where some cultures find body odor objectionable, others find it attractive. Doctors worldwide contend that an obsession with cleanliness is attacking Americans far more fiercely than germs, and has created a dangerously over-sanitized environment.

But author of ‘The Dirt on Clean: An Unsanitized History,’ Katherine Ashenburg says, “Americans were just as grimy as Europeans until the Civil War. Now, Americans are obsessed with odor and washing, Magazine ads from the 1930s warned women that they could be spinsters forever if they had body odor. The market is full of products to keep Americans germ-free.”

In a post on Free Thought Blogs, entitled “Vag*na Should Smell Like Vag*na, Not Like Jasmine or Jackfruit,” author Taslima Nasreen contends, “The world is getting more and more synthetic. People are becoming more and more artificial. The case can be made that the desire for artificial flavor is growing all over the world. Men like to have sex with women, but there are many men who do not like the smell of healthy vag*nas. What do they want? Well, they want vag*nas that smell like jasmine or jackfruit. They want vag*nal fluid that seemingly turns into some kind of fruit juice!

Can you picture that commercial?


Vagisil douche gives you vag*nal fruit juice!

Commenter Rick Craig agrees with Nasreen’s post, saying: “Yes, there’s nothing quite as stimulating (to me, anyway) as the scent of clean, horny vag*na. But let’s be real, ladies – sometimes a vag*na can smell like 2-day old perch on a hot rock in July. Or like gorgonzola cheese on steroids. And there’s nothing stimulating about that.”

Thanx, Rick, for that smelly visual. 😐

But do all guys have an aversion to gorgonzola-scented ‘stuff’?

Well, let’s take a look at some commenter quotes on the issue:

‘0331usmc’ says: “I don’t ever expect a woman’s [‘stuff’] to smell like a fresh spring breeze, or a field of wildflowers. But if I can smell it when I’m not even close to it, then I won’t get close to it. My face will be down there for a good while, so at least make it a pleasant trip.”

‘deaddog’ says: “No, [don’t like it]. But then again, I don’t like eating spoiled meat or smelling carrion either. But, hey, that’s just me.”

‘antbiggy’ says: “No way, man. If it ain’t been washed prior (12 hrs. max), I ain’t goin’ close enough to smell it.”

‘Teutonic’ says: “This thread smells fishy…”

And ‘northindy30’ had no words.

He let an image speak for his view on stinky ‘stuff‘:


Well, here’s something to chew on, guys:

Bite me.

Any idea what unwashed man parts smell like?

Just asking.

ANYway…are there voices out there with an alternate view on stinky ‘stuff’?

You bet there are. Very vociferous voices.

We hear from those voices in “Stinky Stuff: Can’t Get Enough.”


History tells us that Empress Josephine’s stinky ‘stuff sent the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte into amorous lift-off.

With eyes as foreign as your stomach can take…can you see the attraction to stinky ‘stuff‘?


Foreign Eyes Friday


32 thoughts on “Stinky ‘Stuff’: Can’t Take It

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  4. Great post,enjoyed it! But come on, lysol,lol. I like your close out and agree- men don’t smell all that great either. I’ll do without all the fruity soaps though, just reg soap 🙂

  5. Hmmmm! I can’t stand myself when I smell like sardines but I’m not really fond of smelly guys either although they do smell different. Hopefully there is a halfway between flowers and sardines.

  6. I’m not real big on the smell of lavender, jasmine, or jackfruit, but were my girl to give herself a quick rub with a pork chop, now that would be enticing.
    Sorry, Sylver, I know I’m confusing (and probably disgusting) your readers, I just felt a bit mischevious today and could not help myself!!!
    Forgive me? I’m giving you my puppy dog eyes look.

    • Oh, Griffy…who can resist those puppy dog eyes?

      Ladies & Gents, meet Griff! He’s new here. Came sniffin’ around last week & decided to mark his territory & stay awhile. (Fair disclosure: I rubbed my blog with a pork chop to entice him because, well, look at him – a real cutie! 🙂 )

      Anyway, Griff is very human. He speaks & thinks like a guy – although, apparently, his taste in ‘stuff’ is more foodie than stinky! 😛

      One love, Griff! 🙂

      • “..I rubbed my blog with a pork chop…”

        I could not quite put my paw on it, but I just knew there was something about you when we first met…

        You have an absolutely incredible day, Sylver!


  7. Men are no more exempt from this than women, but come on, everyone of all genders should be looking after their personal hygeine properly!

  8. Is plain soap alright?
    I mean, come on, I’d never imagine a vagina smelling like fields of levanda or something, and I wouldn’t think of using any of this stuff for my “stuff” — but “raw” doesn’t mean “unwashed”! To me, it just means “letting it have its natural odor”.

    • Hahaha! Definitely soap. Definitely NOT Lysol spray! And, yeah, “letting it have its natural odor” makes total sense, but some people think even that is gross. I guess it depends a lot on culture, what arouses, and personal taste.

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