Verbal Excretion

Really, Mayor Stranczek?


Total Smackdown of hypocritical, xenophobic proportions!


Sylver’s Saturday Smackdown



Photo Credit: Pargon

11 thoughts on “Verbal Excretion

  1. It’s not only rude, but both arrogant and ignorant. It does not give a good first impression to say the least. If I ever pass by this kind of sign anywhere, I would not even consider spending time there. As Playamart – Zeebra Designs points out, it brings out a big laugh – of the mayor, until you vomit.

  2. I agree with you, that this sign is kind of rude…But it s so important to learn the language of the country where you live as soon as possible when you move there..We have a lot of problems in Germany cause many immigrants from Turkey & Russia are not willing to learn German. My opinion: You don’t wanna learn the language? Right, then move back to where you came from. Of course it takes time to learn, but when the people don’t want to they shouldn’t expect anything. And here they often only want the money & bring more people over. They don’t work ever, but we pay for them, that s not right. The ones who live here, learned the language & work etc. like everyone else are pretty angry about those people too…

    • Hey, Frauke. I understand what you’re saying & you make good points in there. I didn’t even know Germany had this issue – thanx for sharing that. My beef with this sign is that it’s rude, confrontational, arrogant, and exclusive. There are more respectful ways to communicate with immigrants – which, strangely, this sign does not do for all it’s representation as a message to non-English-speaking immigrants.

  3. Have you been to Crestwood, Illinois? It is one of the nicest little communities in Cook County. (By the way, the sign was quickly corrected). The former Mayor was born there to Polish immigrants and spoke no English until he was 8 years old. Like many of those who came as immigrants from around the world they had no alternative but to learn English. (I’m unclear why that is a bad thing).

    During his long term as Mayor, the number of mom and pop businesses increased twelve-fold. He outsourced most of the village’s responsibilities to private contractors who did the work more efficiently and less expensively. Crestwood has one of the lowest property tax rates in Cook County.

    Although we are usually in agreement, SB I beg to differ with you on this post.

    • Hi J, thank you for this information. I don’t think learning English is a bad thing at all. But I do find this sign rude, arrogant, and non-inclusive. I believe there are less abrasive ways to communicate with immigrants. And who was this sign really for? Obviously not for the immigrants he’s ordering to learn English, because if they don’t speak English how would they read it? I guess we disagree on this one.

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