Breaking Records (Not Heads!)

You have to see this…


World record-breaking vertical skydiving.

Head first, to earth.

At 220 mph.




And check out this brave blogger’s Venezuela skydiving video.

But hold on to something first!



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16 thoughts on “Breaking Records (Not Heads!)

      • It was awesome. I actually posted my video on my blog under July and “Extreme Simplicity” Just click on skydiving in Venezuela. It was amaaazing.. I have four months left here you let me know.. I’d definitely do it again.

        • Just watched your video & O.M.G! I’m sharing it in this post because it’s just amazing. Thank you for sharing that post here. Estoy muy celosa! Don’t turn around too fast because you may bump into me following you into your next jump! 🙂

          • You should.. I went on a trip here in Venezuela and there was a S. African guy and a British girl who were working at the posada on a work away program. They only had a few weeks to go at the Posada so I told them if they were ever in Caracas to stop by.. they did and stayed for a week.. I got teased incessantly here because you don’t often invite strangers to your home in Venezuela I guess. My invites are always real… so come if you dare.. . though I only have 4 months left and 2 other big trips planned.. life is good

            • I do the exact same thing! And I love it – meet so many interesting people, it’s hard not to invite them to stay, right? If I can fit a trip in before school begins, I would love to – thank you so much for this kind invitation. 🙂 Where are your next 2 big trips?

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