15 thoughts on “For the Love of Money

  1. Check the Bibles of most American rich folk [yes, they all have one at the ready] and I’ll bet you find White-Out used on the passage about it β€œbeing easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than to enter the kingdom of God.”

  2. What about the idea that the rich keeps their money in banks, and banks won’t keep it since they earn no interest that way, so the money will end going to those that want it, and who will spend it. If that’s the case, isn’t it impossible for the rich to hoard wealth causing others to be impoverished?

  3. Well, I like where you’re going with this – but I’m not sure your third entry is correct.

    When I used to play in poker tournaments the object of the game was to take all the chips of the other players. That’s how you won – and that truly was impoverishment of others.

    But, while neither Bill Gates or Steve Jobs are people whom I admire as role models (they certainly meet your criterion of wealth), they have given employment and enjoyment to millions of people worldwide. And yes, they’ve both made the cover of Fortune Magazine.

      • Good article!

        I used to ask the students I taught to trade as I saw them start to get greedy, “If I handed you $10 Million Tax Free, what would you do with it?”

        So after they bought a beautiful house and perhaps a second one, a few fast cars and some jewelry and new furniture, they still had about $ 8 – 9 Million left.

        One of them said he would help his parents and two others said they would donate money to charities. This was from a class of 20.

        The stories in your link don’t surprise me. But if you think about it, what could you possibly do with that much that would be fulfilling?

          • Doubt that idea would occur to most – although it is encouraging that Mr. Gates and Mr. Buffett have decided to give away at least half their accumulated wealth – after they are dead. Well, it’s a start.

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