Uninformed Electorate (aka Thanks, Corporate News!)

trash-can-ballot-boxRemember the Federal Law detailed in Title 5’s U.S.C. 2302 that prevents employers from discriminating against applicants & employees due to a person’s “race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, handicapping condition, marital status, or political affiliation.”?

Well, Newt Gingrich wanted to forget about it.

This week’s double-Smackdown goes to a man who just months ago came frighteningly close to being a serious contender for President, [cue horror film screams] AND to our corporate mainstream news media for failing, once again, to inform us about potential threats to our democracy – especially during a presidential primary – that crucial period in which the electorate must be well-informed.

Newt Gingrich stated publicly: “I think an intelligent conservative wants the right federal employees delivering the right services in a highly efficient way and then wants to get rid of those folks who are in fact wasteful, or those folks who are ideologically so far to the left, or those people who want to frankly dictate to the rest of us.

You mean, like you, dictator Gingrich?


The scariest part of this is that our mainstream news media did not think it was important enough – during an historic economic downturn in which 99% of us are struggling to stay financially afloat – to inform us about this potential future threat to our jobs from a presidential candidate blithely willing to discard a Federal Law which would impact, not only our livelihoods, but our Civil Rights protections as well.

Could it be that our corporate/government-controlled mainstream news media was afraid that informing us about  Gingrich’s mindset regarding our civil rights would bring to light their failure to inform us about the Justice Department’s findings after a 2001-2007 internal investigation of the Bush administration in which it was uncovered that, among other “improper personnel actions,” the Bush administration discriminated against liberal employees in the Civil Rights Division – acts of discrimination which included hiring judges & attorneys based on their conservative ideology?




Sylver’s Saturday Smackdown


10 thoughts on “Uninformed Electorate (aka Thanks, Corporate News!)

  1. I guess you’re suggesting that Obama’s administration doesn’t discriminate against conservative mindsets? Me thinks thou doest beat thou chest too much.

    • Hi, Jane. As you know, I don’t practice partisan politics – as I’ve stated before, I think there’s enough ignorance in all parties to fill the White House. And I don’t believe pointing out ignorance on one side renders the other side angelic. In fact, what with the state our government is in, any halo or wings venturing anywhere near either party is liable to burst into flames!

      I’m not sure what chest-thumping has to do with potential threats to our civil liberties, but I am sure that we need to be made aware of such threats, especially when they emanate from political leaders in whose hands our freedom lies. Hence, this post.

      • By chest-thumping – I mean saying, “Look what this guy did,” when what you’re talking about is just business as usual for all politicians, on every side. You say, “I don’t believe pointing out ignorance on one side renders the other side angelic.” You say, “what with the state our government is in, any halo or wings venturing anywhere near either party is liable to burst into flames!” But your silence on the sins of liberals is very loud.

        I don’t comment on your smack downs to disagree with you. I comment because I think the polarization between liberals and conservatives is a lot more dangerous to us than anything Newt Gingrich popped off and said. Your smack downs compel me to remind us all that all of our apple barrels have wormy apples. Neither side has the monopoly.

        I keep telling myself that I will not comment to anymore of your smack downs, but then I can’t help myself. Newt Gingrich is low hanging fruit. He’s been defeated. He’s yesterday’s news. Same with George W. Bush. No one can even get him to make a comment on Obama’s policies. He won’t be going to the Republican Convention. The world is now safe from Newt and George, so you can rest easy tonight.

        • I know you don’t like my Smackdown section, so I’m flattered that you continue to comment here in spite of yourself. 🙂

          Regarding your attention to “sides,” I’m aware that you see politics in terms of “sides.” But I’m afraid I don’t; I see issues – whichever “side” they fall on. And people & issues which endanger our freedoms or anything else – both past & present because they affect our present & future – will never be “yesterday’s news.” I believe we continue to repeat damaging history because we sweep lessons & examples from the past under a rug so that we don’t have to face it any more. But that blind eye, that aversion to highlighting & examining unpleasant truths, may well be our unmaking. We are seeing this unraveling in our broken government right now – lessons unlearned, repeated in increasingly damaging ways.

          Thank you, Jane, I will rest easy tonight. Because I am speaking out about things I feel are important.

          • Good! I wouldn’t want you losing any sleep.

            You say that you don’t see sides, but only issues. Perhaps if your smack downs showed how both sides dropped the ball on issues I’d find it easier to hit the like button and go to the next blog. That’s my real beef. Seems to me you might have chosen a side and either don’t realize it or aren’t willing to confess it.

            • No, Jane. I am quite clear about how I see politics. As I’ve stated, repeatedly, I see issues rather than “sides.” Were I secretly one “side” or another & “unwilling to confess it,” as you say, would that not make me a liar? I respect your focus on “sides,” and I would not presume to disparage it with insult. I would have hoped to receive the same respect from you regarding my view.

              As for your vision of my Smackdown section: suggestions are always welcome — unless accompanied by insult. But even putting that aside, I cannot imagine visiting a room in someone’s home, deciding I have a beef with the decor, and suggesting they change it to suit my preference so that I can like it more. It’s their home. They are free to decorate as they chose. If their choice in decor offends my sensibilities, I have choices also. I can choose to object, using insult to make my point & thereby risk my point being lost, since insult rarely fosters receptiveness. I can choose to object respectfully without derogating their character, thereby keeping avenues open for further discussion since respectful debate is a wonderful way to air views. Or, I can choose to stay out of that particular room altogether.

              Though each choice has its consequences, it’s all about freedom of expression — yours & mine. That’s the beauty of civil liberty — which is what this post is about. And I’m afraid this debate about “sides” is SIDElining the topic of this post. Once again, Jane, we must agree to disagree.

              • I really didn’t mean it as an insult. Sorry you took it that way. I was going for some tongue in cheek humor, which obviously fell flat. I humbly offer you my sincerest apologies.

                Your blogs sometimes point out to me that our most dangerous prejudices are those we don’t even recognize ourselves; the things that we reveal about ourselves in the things we don’t say or the way we present what we do say. You sometimes force me to laugh at myself and I was just trying to share the joke. Sorry I missed the mark so terribly.

                As to your living room decor, I wasn’t saying you should repaint the walls. I was just telling you which color walls I like best. Those are two different things.

                Again, my humble apology and I really will try to keep my fingers off the keyboard when you have your smack down sessions. You’re just so good at what you do that I’ve hit the Post Comment button before my brain kicks in.

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