Friday Blaque List 26

What I’m…


My travel journals from various countries.




Because I haven’t traveled in a while, and the gypsy in me is clawing her way to the surface after dormant semesters of academic imprisonment behind desks that don’t fly.



Hold my breath until my annual family reunion next month. This year, we’re holding it in the D.R. so that our family’s “it’s-all-about-ME!” teens can participate in aid work while we’re there.




Impatient & excited!



Eat, drink & be hairy.


(At this very moment, I’m hungry, thirsty, and in the midst of research about cultures in which females do not shave, so have ditched my razor and vowed to refrain from shaving ANYTHING for as long as my Western honey can stand it! 😯 )


What’s your Blaque List?


Blaque List


7 thoughts on “Friday Blaque List 26

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    • Hahaha! That little band around this journal would never fit around my actual journals. I always take a least 3 journals with me, but even so end up searching out more paper because I write more than I eat or sleep. Maybe because I travel alone & need someone to share all the amazing stuff that happens with. And that’s just what my journals are to me – an always open ear. 🙂

  2. This post just made me giggle to myself – I am currently scheming my way into a trip this fall, and though I was concerned that leaving student life for rent and a job would mean less travel, I have already been able to go to Seattle, London, and Bermuda this year (though to be fair, I work in the industry). Trying to make Asia of South America work this fall… and Arkansas… SO MANY PLACES!

    • Oh, you lucky, lucky girl! From Seattle to So. America – during semester, no less. Sigh! Take me with you! 🙂

      What is your industry job? And what are you studying at university?

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