Arizona Immigration Law: Damning Pearce Emails Uncovered

russell-pearceThe American Civil Liberties Union has uncovered a sheath of damning emails to and from former Arizona state senator Russell Pearce – author of the state’s controversial immigration law.

As reported in The Arizona Republic, the exposed emails – dating as far back as 2006 – contain overtly racist language and references to the state’s Latino population, prompting the ACLU to conclude that Arizona’s SB 1070 immigration law was “racially motivated.”

The uncovered emails contain such statements as: “Last week, Denver’s illegal aliens sang our national anthem in Spanish and bastardized the words of OUR country’s most sacred song.”

The Washington Post reports that the ACLU and other rights groups contend that the emails “embrace discriminatory views and bend the truth about immigration-related matters,” setting the stage for enactment of a law which, if passed, will lead to racial profiling.

Pearce, who was ousted from office last year in a special recall election, denies the racist nature of the damning emails, and is running for re-election to the state Senate.


What do you think about these emails?

What about Arizona’s treatment of immigrants?

Valid or racist?


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2 thoughts on “Arizona Immigration Law: Damning Pearce Emails Uncovered

  1. Pretty much every barrel has a few bad apples in it. I hate the racist views this email suggests and am sorry his lapses in decorum will become more of an issue than the law itself. However, I’m also sick and tired of Big Brother. We get nothing of context here. I’ve been on committees where we quibbled for days, weeks, months over the use of a term. Perhaps he was just damned tired of quibbling and not stating his true position. If I were shown something from my own emails of several years ago, I’d probably find plenty to task myself about – sometimes because I’ve changed mind, but others because what I said wasn’t exactly what I meant – the English language being the imprecise, ever-changing monster it is and the impossibility of writing tone. I’ll be glad when we get over our love affair with using technology to expose dirty little secrets and get back to the common courtesy of allowing others to state their opinion in less than perfect political correctness in the privacy of their own emails.

    • This, Jane, is an interesting comment. My initial reaction is that I don’t see racism as merely a “lapse in decorum” – especially when it pertains to powerful politicians who have championed discrimination repeatedly in public forums, and have successfully – within a democracy, mind you – enacted laws which make their brand of discrimination legal. But I do understand your point about Big Brother – no one wants that!

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