Harem Habibati: Queen Mama II

You have a new home.

It’s a palace, really.

Topkapi palace.


Topkapi Palace / Istanbul, Turkey

This is where you live now, in grand splendor.

And, as mother of the new ruling Sultan, you shall be his confidant, his supreme advisor, his personal herald and protector. Because you, ippetlu, are the most treasured object of his unconditional love & devotion.

You are the Valide Sultan.

Your now-royal son escorts you ceremoniously through gilded palace doors into your new harem home.

It is resplendent.

Elaborate, sky-high ceilings and columns tower throughout the palace. Intricately designed mosaic tiles decorate the walls. The soft, liquid gurgle of ornate, tiered fountains reverberate off glistening marble floors.

Decorative appointments of the most exquisite materials blind you with bling.


Room in Topkapi Palace

Nevertheless, change is needed.

You must make this palace your own.


Room in Topkapi Palace

 You shall transform the decor of the previous Valide, so that your harem home reflects your personal taste. The current furnishings — resplendent though they may be — shall be sold for more money than you can comprehended…as yet.

Shortly, you shall come to regard avalanches of wealth as quite commonplace.

Within the harem wing of the palace — itself, the size of a small city — you have your own master bedroom suite, bath & dressing room suite, kitchen, dining area, library, sitting room, prayer room, and private terraces with panoramic sea views overlooking your son’s kingdom, and the foamy Bosphorus Straits.

The beauty of this vista is breathtaking.


Topkapi Palace view across the Bosphorus Strait

You decorate your palace wing exquisitely — from diamond chandeliers sparkling across 18K gold-gilded, mother-of-pearl inlaid ceilings…to glossy, silk Persian rugs laid out across gleaming, rose aurora marble floors.

As you enter your magnificently appointed office in the business suite of the palace’s harem wing, you see that your cabinet awaits you.

You look them over with a discerning eye — a royal Valide’s eye.

Your prime minister, chief treasurer, secretary of state, along with your dozens of overseers, and 60-some-odd types of kalfas (managers) and ustas (workers) shall carry out your orders swiftly, efficiently, and without question.

For, you, devetlu, are their queen…


Can you imagine yourself as a Valide Sultan?

What say you about Ottoman Valides?


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10 thoughts on “Harem Habibati: Queen Mama II

  1. I could probably get into it if push came to shove. But if nothing else, Topkapi made for an excellent movie title with one of my favorite actresses, the late Melina Mercouri

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