Shake It Off!

Feeling watered down?

Shake it off!


Now, watch these guys do the shake:

Dogs Shaking Water Off from Pool in Slow Motion

Dogs Shaking in Slow Motion



Sylver Lining Sunday


4 thoughts on “Shake It Off!

  1. I showed the video to Gracie who is “pool-averse”. She said, “Well, if they didn’t go in there in the first place they wouldn’t have to get rid of all that water.” (Sometimes she can be a little uppity).

    • Gracie is pure genius. Think about it; she’s right. Preach it, Gracie!

      On the other hand, we have my Mally – who drags me (literally) into every pond, river, lake, and anything even resembling a body of water. Seriously contemplating just wearing a bikini for her walks so am properly attired… 😐

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