Truth is a Dinosaur

Liz Cheney, here’s my response to your rather arrogant suggestion that President Obama should bow before you and express his deep and undying gratitude to former President George W. Bush and your criminal father and thank them: No thanks are necessary.


It just galls me that they get away with this BS on national television. Truth is a dinosaur; now it’s just about perception and partisans. Disgusting.”

— karoli (Crooks & Liars)


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8 thoughts on “Truth is a Dinosaur

  1. In my humble opinion, GWB was just dumb . . . like a box of rocks . . . that’s all.

    Evil, you want E-V-I-L, let’s find Liz or Dick (and I don’t mean Taylor or Burton!).

    • Just looked up “box of rocks.” Guess whose picture was there? Also spell checked “Cheney.” Here’s what popped up: E-V-I-L.

      Impressive, George. You really know your stuff! 🙂

  2. GWB is a media-created villain. Though you are well informed and I understand your antipathy for the man, I’ve asked a lot of people to explain to me exactly why they hate Bush. The answer is usually a lot of stammering and some reference to the fact that everyone hates him. If you can’t verbalize your reasons for an opinion, it’s my opinion that it is’t your own opinion.

  3. I love the quote from the ATLANTIC — “if waterboarding isn’t torture, then there’s no such thing as torture.” That’d be my BLOGGER BUBBLE today… Carley

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