Not My Fault

I don’t have time for your convenient ignorance!

Dana Scully ( X-Files: Season 3, Episode 10 )



Blaque Diamonds


10 thoughts on “Not My Fault

  1. So who’s conveniently ignorant? The people that hate Bush because they’ve been told they should or those that love Obama for the same reason? And Sylver, since Bush is an old retired guy living in Dallas, who is more focused on who the Rangers are playing than national issues, maybe it’s time to give it up. He’s gone. Whipping dead horses doesn’t get you much of anywhere.

    • I think you know how I feel about sweeping the skid marks of toxic elements under the rug. We’ve had this conversation before on another topic. I think – once again, my dear friend – we’ll have to respectfully agree to disagree on this issue, as well. 😦

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