Wet Mosquitoes Are Gremlins, Too

gathering-on-backyard-deckAh, summer!

Hot, lazy days. Warm, cozy nights on the deck.

Except when it rains.

Because after a rain, your evening/weekend deck paradise morphs into Mozzy-ville.

Starring you as the town pariah…your flesh the target of every self-respecting mozzy in the community.

Are you scratching yet?

Why are there so many mosquitoes after it rains? Shouldn’t their annoying little bodies have been crushed in the downpour? As reported by Discovery Science, raindrops just bounce right off mosquitos.

Even when they are hit, their ability to bounce back after impact is the stuff sic-fi movies are made of.


Terminator mozzy.
“I’ll be back!”

 Though a single rain drop can be 50 times heavier than a mosquito, it’s no match for the insect‘s tough exoskeleton. But why are there so many more of the little buggers right after it rains? Does water turn them into gremlins?

Well, in a sense, yes.

You see, female mosquitoes lay “dry eggs” which, much like gremlins, are activated by water. Says, mosquito control expert Johnathan Cohen, “In warm weather, mosquitoes can develop from eggs to adults in a little more than a week in just a few ounces of standing water. It’s important to empty out birdbaths, pot saucers, kids’ swimming pools and unclog rain gutters to reduce the areas where mosquitoes can lay eggs.”

Important info for those of us with no desire to be on the menu in Mozzy-ville!


How much do you love post-rain mosquitoes?

How do you avoid being their evening meal?


World News Wednesday


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