Friday Blaque List 25

What I’m…


Zecharia Sitchin’s “The 12th Planet




That, not until extraterrestrials land, perform a plethora of humanly & scientifically impossible acts before our very eyes in broad daylight in every city on Earth simultaneously during rush hour wearing nothing but g-strings & nipple rings thru pierced purple nipples that shoot bluelight rays that liquify solid objects on contact then recomposes them slowly atom by atom, will we ever believe in aliens.



When people write books like this, does everyone they know suddenly become unavailable?


Family members deny actual blood relation…friends begin describing you as a distant acquaintance…your spouse doesn’t even bother to fake orgasms anymore.

Blog followers click “Loco” instead of “Like.




No matter what we think, we can’t be the only intelligent (sometimes) life form in this entire universe. And if we think we are, who the hell do we think we are? I mean, how did we get that arrogant?


To believe that we’re IT – the end all / be all of every possible life form in the universe? Just us. Our brain blows all others away. Because we rock. Like no other life form can. If there even are any other intelligent life forms. Which there aren’t.

Because we’re IT.



Cozy & sticky.

It’s pouring – a summer sun tropical downpour.  I’m sitting in the grass w/ my laptop & doggies under an umbrella, refusing to go inside.

Barefoot in a bikini…eating cold pizza…guzzling ice water…sweating like a lumberjack in 100+ degree heat…

Why would I give all this up?


What’s your Friday Blaque List?


Blaque List


8 thoughts on “Friday Blaque List 25

      • Hey—seriously—are you enjoying “The 12th Planet?” I haven’t read any science fiction for a while and would love to know if you think this title/author is one worth spending time on.

        • “Enjoying” is an understatement. It’s riveting. This is my 2nd read of this book. But I wouldn’t call it science fiction. It’s exhaustively researched fact – and “exhaustively” is also an understatement. The detail is incredible. This book is the 1st in a series of 7 books by Sitchin called “The Earth Chronicles.” They are an alternative history of the origins of the human race involving other galaxies in the Universe. Many people – esp. those who consider the Bible to be the definitive & only true source on this issue – are very offended by Sitchin’s works & consider him a nut cake spewing insanity. So did scientists – until, over time, they reluctantly determined that much of Sitchin’s research was quite accurate – though some areas are still being hotly debated.

          I wouldn’t recommend this series if you’re looking to read typical science fiction. These chronicles are not quick, easy reads by any stretch of the imagination. But they are, without a doubt, fascinating – especially if your mind is wired to revel in the expounding of historical detail. Though some of it does read like science fiction, it’s actually real-world research into an area that the majority considers to be poppycock.

          All that said, my fave sic-fi book hails from childhood: “A Wrinkle in Time.” As a kid, I read this book to shreds, still have it, still read it. Repeatedly. And guess what? I’ve met a ton of adults during my travels overseas who know, love, and are still reading & re-reading this kid’s book! I’ve had long discussions & debates in many languages about this apparently world-adored book. I love that! 🙂

          A Wrinkle in Time:

          • My misunderstanding re. the “science fiction” categorization; I jumped too quickly on that.

            I like reading “atypical” stuff. Your description makes Stichin’s work sound enticing. I need to see if any of his books are on the shelves at our local library (I’m someone who insists on holding a bound book in my hands and turning pages made of paper).

            Our minds SHOULD be open/receptive. There’s an old phrase I like that goes something like this, “I don’t think God intended our heads only to be used as hat-racks.”

            “A Wrinkle in Time” sounds very, very familiar. Interesting . . . I need to do a search on that title.

            As always, I enjoy your posts! Keep on doin’ your thing!

            • Yeah, Sitchin defies categorization. I guess as long as they label his work science fiction, they can put it on library shelves without worry of stigmatization. 🙄

              I like the “hat rack” quote – funny! 🙂

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