Fill ‘Er Up!

Think gas prices in the U.S. turn a smile upside down?



That smile would stay on the upswing if you knew the gas prices in some other countries.

Like Turkey, for example. Or Eritrea.

How does $10 per gallon sound?


What’s it like to fill-up in other countries?

Let’s have a look…


  • At $8.00+ per gallon, gas is more than double the price as in the US, and can change up to 5 times per day
  • Has less than half the number of gas stations as in the US, so it’s smart to “tank-up” at every opportunity whether your tank is full or not
  • Diesel fuel is cheaper than gas (the opposite is true in the US)
  • Running out of gas on the autobahn will get you an expensive ticket
  • Paying before pumping is not the German way; German drivers would never think of driving off without paying. They rely on social responsibility & self-discipline in place of policing their gas pumps


  • In March, a threatened strike by gas tanker drivers caused nationwide chaos that saw drivers running each other over to fill up their tanks in order to avoid being stranded in the event that public transportation might shut down for lack of fuel.
  •  Drivers sat idling at gas stations for hours in snaking fuel lines that conjured up images of the 1970’s US oil crisis.


  • Brazilians believe car bumpers are there for a reason. Drivers are aggressive, traffic rules are nothing more than theory, and parking is like going into battle.
  • Getting gas is no different; buckle up, be ready to play bumper cars, and wear a helmet.



Here’s a list of The Highest and Cheapest Gas Prices By Country.


And here’s a little known fact about gas:

According to global gas saver guides, the best time of day to buy gas is in the early morning, since gas is denser and of higher quality at the coolest time of the day. Buying in the morn saves you dollars, and increases gas mileage.


Where would you re-locate to get the best gas bang for your buck?

Can you see filling up daily in the most gas-expensive countries?


Foreign Eyes Friday


8 thoughts on “Fill ‘Er Up!

  1. Just got back from Oregon. The law does not allow them to have self serve gas. It WAS more expensive, but I loved it. Think of all the jobs they saved. Wish I could get Texas to consider this law.

  2. Agreed – Americans need to CALM DOWN about gas prices. They’re only this low because we don’t take true cost into account (buffs her economics degree and looks pleased with herself)

  3. I’m old enough to have lived through the [manufactured] gas shortages of the 1970s. I remember what that crap was like—a lot of us do. Electric vehicles should have been the norm by now. But here we are—all these years later—continuing to pay through the nose for a product that pollutes the environment and makes people who want to kill us (well perhaps not all of them want to kill us, but I’ll wager a lot do) rich. We should have learned our lesson a long time ago. . . .

    • Wise, wise words. And, yeah, why are we still emptying our coffers in support of a guaranteed slow death for our children & grandchildren? Not to mention the Earth! You’re right – we should have learned our lesson by now…

    • Hey George, you should do a post about what it was like for people back then, during the 1970’s gas shortage. I love your writing, the way you take us back in time & make us feel like we’re there. I think you would do this topic justice! 🙂

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