Healthcare in the Brazilian Amazon

What do you do for healthcare if you live in a dense rainforest?

No doctors. No ambulances. No hospital.

Twenty million-plus residents of the Archipelago of Bailique in the Brazilian Amazon rely, not only on extensive knowledge of natural healing botanicals, but also on Brazil’s military.


How do you think your family would fare living in the Amazon with intermittent military doctor visits as healthcare?


World News Wednesday


10 thoughts on “Healthcare in the Brazilian Amazon

  1. Well, I wouldn’t want to NOT have doctors convenient, but with the exception of the year I had cancer, I usually average about one doctor’s visit a year. Too many Americans think doctors are supposed to compensate for their poor living habits. Medicine is one of the things Americans seriously over-consume.

  2. I will go the natural, botanical healing way any day of the week over western “medicine.” I guess my biggest concern – and a sincere one – is how much longer will the rainforests be there before we raze them to the ground.

  3. No doctor close – no me living there 😉 Natural healing is a big thing in my life, but I often need a doctor, so I would never move to a place where there isn’t none or where I have to go to see one from army lol

    • I understand that. I’ve been in situations while traveling to remote areas where I’ve needed a doctor but since there weren’t any, I had to be treated by village medicine men. But I was astounded by their knowledge of & skill with natural herbs, wraps, tonics, etc. They could really give Harvard-trained doctors a run for their money!

  4. Well, since my family of 7 hasn’t been to the dr for most of the past decade or two, I imagine we’d be just fine. I believe in “extensive knowledge of natural healing botanicals” FAR more than the AMA.

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