Aliens in Antiquity: The Nuremberg Incident


Medieval painting depicting a king pointing to a UFO, which were seen so often in medieval times that they came to be called “hat ships” because of the way they “sailed” across the sky.


Up in the sky!

It’s a bird!

It’s a plane!



What’s a plane?


Medievals would not have known the answer to that question. But they did know flying objects when they saw them. Especially brightly lit, metallic objects engaged in battle across the skies over a major city.

Think we’re the only ones who see UFO’s?

The only difference between our sightings and theirs, is that medievals didn’t scoff at it.

They detailed their sightings, and saw no reason to ridicule those who did so. Documents from the Middle Ages show more recorded UFO sightings than in all of NASA’s top secret files.

medieval-ufoWhy so many medieval sightings?

Well, according to historians, medievals could report their sightings without fear of being branded a nut cake.

And according to space scientists, UFO’s had nothing to fear from the medievals. There was no technology, as we have today, for launching attacks on flying foreign objects. UFO’s could fly openly across medieval skies without a worry.

Sound logical?

Or like a bunch of medieval hooey?

Well, before you sprain an optical muscle rolling your eyes (because when it comes to UFOs, eye rolls get seriously intense), consider this documented account.

Once dismissed as Middle Ages hooey, the Nuremberg UFO incident (German narration here) is now considered highly plausible by an increasing number of modern day space scientists and historians, as well as archaeologists and geologists who have unearthed inexplicable evidence in the area of the Nuremberg incident.

Picture it.

April 14, 1561. 

Nuremberg, Germany.

Dim rays of dawn reveal a “very frightful spectacle” in the skies above the city. People pour from homes, storefronts…every building empties human occupants into the streets. Heads tilt back, mouths drop open, eyes widen and do not blink. An entire city mesmerized by hundreds of metallic objects battling across the skies.


Actual 1561 artist depiction by medieval witness to Nuremberg UFO incident.

A local news broadsheet, which still exists today in the archives of the Zurich Central Library, documented hundreds of witness descriptions of the flying objects as “flying tube shapes,” “circles in the air,” “luminous globes,” “spheres,” and “discs.”


1561 Nuremberg, Germany news broadsheet detailing the UFO incident.

Witnesses of the event also describe how smaller shapes began flying out of the larger shapes, shooting rays of light which caused other shapes to disappear or fall from the sky.

According to the news broadsheet, the flying object battle lasted more than an hour, and was so clearly visible that witnesses were able to discern which side was winning. They detailed that some of the objects “fell downward in clouds of smoke”, and others were seen to fly off and disappear “into the sun.”


Detail of flying object fallen to the ground “in clouds of smoke.”

Now, remember. Medievals had no knowledge of UFOs, as we do today. Moreover, they had no knowledge of flying things which could be mistaken for UFOs – like airplanes, blimpies, weather balloons, or any other airborne technology.

It was exactly this lack of reference point which caused them to believe they had witnessed an act of God.

The 16th century was a time of deep religious reverence. They saw religious symbolism in absolutely everything. Many witnesses to the event described some of the flying objects as “glowing red flying crosses.”


Detail of “glowing red flying cross.”

What may look to us, in the 21st century, like a round disc with multicolored lights beneath it, or an airplane with red lights on the wings, would have looked like the shape of a cross to medievals.

But airplanes had not been invented yet.

And flight itself as a believable concept was centuries away.


What did those medievals see that day??

In the wake of the Nuremberg incident, further widely distributed medieval broadsheets warned people to beg forgiveness for their sins.

As in every era, including our own, such inexplicable events were attributed to God.


What do you think Nuremberg medievals saw that day?

What say you about the existence of medieval aliens?


  Medieval Monday


28 thoughts on “Aliens in Antiquity: The Nuremberg Incident

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  4. Sylver, Great article thanks.

    You really ought to have a look at this youtube video:

    The black dart shaped object pictured in the medieval broadsheet record of the Nuremberg sighting you’ve posted here…looks like it may well have taken refuge on the moon!

    You can read my comments (spikeychops) on the comments section of the video i’ve linked to for more info, or if you have problems finding my comments there, pause the video @ 1:23 on the clip, look to the left side of the screen at around the ‘9 O Clock’ position (ish)’, you will see the truely enormous dart saped object, VERY similar to the black object from the image in your article!

    The ‘Dart’, is laying flat, it’s ‘back end’ (facing the left of the screen) has a tringular shaped formation of 3 mounds, the right end of the dart has a diamond shape (just like the medieval image), followed by a two prongled ‘tuning fork looking’ feature. It’s hard to describe the shape, but the dart (to me at least) looks like one of the arms of a Maltese cross with a diamond mid/front section, and topped off with two prong like appendages, similar to a tuning fork.

    The really curious thing (if the medieval dart being found on the moon isn’t enough!!), is that to it’s right, both above and below right, are two other massive objects that look for all the world to be ‘attachements’ that would fit onto the forked end…one has a feature that is the ‘female’ of the fork shape (right and slightly below the dart), the other is a massive flat disk that has protruding from it’s central area, a long feature that has 45 degree angled bend or joint half way along it’s length, this looks like it would slot neatly between the dart’s two forks!

    I can’t see the sharp needle point triangle depicted in the medieval image on the lunar surface near the dart, perhaps this was a battle ‘appendage’ that was lost to the enemy back in April 1561?

    I know how this all sounds…i really do..but it’s there nonetheless. Covered with a thick layer of dust, unimaginably enormous…but it’s there. Maybe it was damaged during the battle and limped to the moon to save itself and crew?

    Please forgive typos etc…i’m excited!

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  6. You should more listen to your heart and less to what others say…

    This is no intelectual masturbation,this was real.If you understand science,you understand that everything is true.Even astronauts talk about “visitors” they had every days during missions. Just go on UTUBE.They show real videos of UFO’s that look exactly like those on the painting:
    We have a special planet with breathable atmosphere.Aliens breath air too,so they need Earth…When they fight,if they lose,they fall on Earth and survivors have chances to survive…Kind of fair-play rules…Excuse my English,I’am from Belgium.


    • Hi Benjamin, welcome to my blog. It’s nice to have a visitor from Belgium. 🙂 And your English is quite good!

      Thank you for your informative comment, and for the YouTube link – interesting!

  7. I can’t help but wonder why so MANY ALIENS would bother to fight over our skies rather than over their own. What do you think they’d be doing here? Fighting over us? I doubt it. Sounds like Medieval Hooey to me. But, hey, I do think there’s plenty of LIFE OUT THERE SOMEWHERE…

    • Hahaha! What are you saying? That we mere humans aren’t worth fighting over? [smirk!] But I do think you’re right – there’s plenty of Life out there…somewhere!

      • I’m saying the universe is SO BIG, I can’t imagine why aliens would even notice our little planet… or bother to stop by to fight in our skies. Especially if after fighting they just flew on to other worlds. Makes no sense to me! Just sayin’.

        • I hear you. 🙂 But stay tuned. I’m digging up some mind-bending medieval UFO research that will have you creating an aluminum foil helmet w/ pipe cleaner antennae, or blindly feeling your way to an ophthalmologist for treatment of seriously sprained eye-roll muscles! 😛

  8. Real good stuff Sylver. Imagine how people today would just freak at watching all that. I’m ready. Hell, I’ve been ready all my life……beam me up Scotty…..PLEASE.

  9. Let’s see, we live in a sort of ordinary-sized galaxy of 300 billion stars and current guestimates are that there exist at least 500 billion galaxies so what are the odds that life does NOT exist elsewhere? Even our founding fathers believed that we were not alone in the universe.

    • That’s a great way to break it down. Really exposes the logic of belief in life elsewhere in the galaxy, and the shortsightedness of believing we are the only form of life worth noting. And you’re absolutely right about the founding fathers – in fact, there is ample documentation of their UFO sightings!

  10. They talk about this in the TV show “Ancient Aliens”. Really interesting stuff! I think you and me must be on the same wavelength or something because I just wrote up a story about the USSR and China almost starting WW3 over some UFOs.

    • It is cool, isn’t it? I’m finding reams of documentation about medieval UFO sightings and interaction, which I’ll be posting now in my Medieval Monday’s new ‘Aliens in Antiquity’ subcategory.

  11. Sylver – I certainly don’t know what it was, but I love to think about the possibilities. Regardless of what science may think, I sort of like having unanswered questions. It leaves room for both faith and imagination.

    • “…room for both faith and imagination.”
      This is an open & intelligent way to look at it, as opposed to shutting down completely about the topic or ridiculing the possibility of other forms of life aside from our own. You know, it’s interesting, we are virtually the only country whose government denies/keeps secret all evidence of UFO’s, and interaction with extraterrestrials. There are just reams of public UFO documentation coming out of governments of other countries who don’t see the need to hide or ridicule the issue. I’m hoping in the future, we’ll join them in releasing our own documentation from the coffers of our government’s Top Secret UFO vault! 🙂

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