Occupying Israeli Settlement Profits


“Danger: Israeli products help fund the oppression and murder of Palestinians.”

A major European supermarket chain has decided to boycott any companies exporting produce from illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

As reported in The Guardian, British Cooperative Group (BCG), one of the largest food retailers in the United Kingdom with a policy already in place against importing produce from illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank, is now extending that policy by ending trade with companies who still export such products.

Says Hilary Smith, a BCG Co-op member and agricultural trade coordinator, the company is making the move in order to “take the lead internationally by this historic decision to hold corporations accountable for complicity  in Israel’s violations of Palestinian human rights. We strongly urge other retailers to take similar action.”


“If you buy Israeli products, you will be part of this bloody crime against the innocent civilians in Palestine.”

Similar boycotts, in fact, have been and are being enacted by Denmark, South Africa, Ireland, Norway, and businesses in many other countries in attempts to do what the United Nations is prevented from doing by historically consistent U.S. vetoes in defense of Israel: take action against Israel’s illegal occupation of and illegal settlements in the West Bank.

Ad campaigns from around the globe encouraging the boycott of Israeli products include:



“The fruits of Israel taste bitter. Refuse the occupation of Palestine. Don’t buy Israeli fruits or vegetables.”


“Product of Israel. End colonization. End discrimination. End the occupation.”


“If the label says: ‘Produce of West Bank,’ it is Israeli settlements produce. Don’t buy it. It’s from stolen land.”

The Palestinian Union of Agricultural Work Committees applauds the move by BCG, pointing out that Israeli agricultural export companies “profit from and are directly involved in the ongoing colonization of occupied Palestinian land and theft of our water. Trade with such companies constitutes a major form of support for Israel’s apartheid regime over the Palestinian people, so we warmly welcome this principled decision by the Co-operative.”

Adds Smith, “The movement for boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel until it complies with international law is proving to be a truly effective form of action in support of Palestinian rights.


What is your view about boycotting Israeli settlement products?

In light of world opposition to Israel’s continued illegal actions against Palestine, how do you feel about continued U.S. support of Israel?


World News Wednesday


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