Good News From the Philippines

Siargao-Island-the-PhilippinesAll kinds of ‘mabuting balita‘ (good news) is coming out of the Philippines this week..

The Philippines, one of the founding members of the United Nations, was presented with UN medals this week in recognition of their continued peace-keeping efforts around the globe.

The 5th Philippine contingent — composed of troops from the Philippines, Japan, India, Croatia, Austria, and Canada — accepted the UN medals for their “valuable service in the name of peace and security” in the Golan Heights.

Deployed to the area three months ago through the UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF), the 5th Pilippine contingent was tasked by the UN Security Council to “maintain the ceasefire, and supervise the disengagement of Israeli and Syrian forces…” as stipulated by their 1974 Agreement on Disengagement.

philippines-5th-military-contingentMaj. Gen. Natalio C. Ecarma III, the first Filipino general in UNDOF, proudly congratulated the honored contingent and reminded them that it is incumbent upon them “to protect the image of the Philippines in the host countries,” and that they “represent no less than the entire Filipino nation.”

More good news from the Philippines includes…

*  A first semi-win for a Filipino-American singer on American Idol. Jessica Sanchez, whose mother is from Bataan province, finished Season 11 as its first runner-up, singing an original song that will become her first recorded single, “Change Nothing.”

*  The Global English Corp. has named the Philippines “the world’s best country in business English proficiency.” Results of the language corporation’s annual Business English Index (BEI), the only index that measures business English proficiency in the workplace, show the Philippines trumping the U.S. in business English proficiency.

The other Top 10 countries with the highest ratings include Norway, Serbia, Slovenia, Australia, Malaysia, India, Lithuania, Singapore, and Canada.

The “Top 10 Worst” countries with the lowest ratings are Armenia, Brazil, Taiwan, Honduras, Colombia, El Salvador, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Cote d’Ivoire.

philippines-street-food*  CNN has designated the capital of the Philippines, Manilla, as one of “Asia’s 10 Greatest Street Food Cities.” Describing Manilla as “a city filled with street food options,” CNNGo News reports that, “It all makes for a delicious, if fattening, affair. Whenever possible, foods are deep-fried, which make them much more mouthwatering and, as a bonus, kills germs.

 Such street foods include chicaron (deep-fried pork rinds), balut (fertilized duck egg), isaw (barbecued intestines), and banana cue (deep-fried banana coated in brown sugar).
Masarap! (Yum!)
 What do you think about all this ‘mabuting balita?’
And which street food is your stomach reaching for?

8 thoughts on “Good News From the Philippines

  1. I can really tell it’s time for me to go on vacation. My brain is transposing all kind of things. I thought you’d starting writing devotionals, “Good News from the Philippians.” LOL – really loud.

  2. Their stand against Japanese was heroic in the fullest sense of the world. I think it would be wonderful to have Philippines as part of USA but seem proud of their sovereignty and independence.

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