Foxy to Poxy

I’ve managed to catch chicken pox. Apparently I am not part of the 95% of adults whom caught it when they were kids. Instead I waited until I was 28 weeks pregnant. My sister in law calls me ‘unique’. My husband calls me ‘special’. 1 -7 in 10,000 pregnancies have the pox. From foxy to poxy in one fowl swoop.”

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11 thoughts on “Foxy to Poxy

  1. I never had chicken pox, measles or tonsillitis. Some reasons that prior to the last 200 years 70 % of children never lived past 5 years old. Best wishes for speedy recover – just hope you don’t grow wings.

    • Wow! I didn’t know the percentage was that high! Pain in my heart, just thinking of all those mothers losing all those babies…

      But how did you escape pox, measles & tonsillitis?? What’s your secret??

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