Missing Links

When choosing to serve ideologies, truth suffers.”

                                                             — Eleni Poulakou (Writers Writing Words)



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6 thoughts on “Missing Links

  1. I’m so honored to be featured on your blog! 🙂

    Truth is, I suffer inside whenever I have to admit that the causes I support have flaws — then again, it’s a good way to remember that no one and nothing is 100% perfect.

    Learning to see in the infinite hues and shades while still keeping the faith is difficult sometimes, but it can make you feel more humble and more… human. 😉

  2. These ideologies of left and right and religion have followers so rabid they can make themselves believe anything. I am not particularly an Obama fan, but the ignorant stupid Obama haters , well it is just astonishing the things they believe and say about him. Seems truth and facts have nothing to do with truth and facts. They create and design facts to support the imaginary things they choose to believe are true.

    • VERY astute observations about the state of our politics right now, which as you said, “has nothing to do with truth and facts.” And as I study other political systems, it seems this lack of truth and facts is an epidemic right now…or has it always been this way?

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