Diary of an American Girl’s Journeys to the Forbidden Land (Excerpt 19)

slaves-in-chainsAs Victor talked, the list of oppressed brown people kept getting longer.

And we learned that Cuba’s colonial history is directly intertwined with Haitian colonial history.

In the 1600’s, France jumped on the let’s-find-some-brown-people-to-enslave bandwagon by invading Haiti. But brown Haitians weren’t enough; the French also stole Africans & brought them to Haiti to add to their slave holdings.

Then in the 1700’s, all the slaves – Haitians & Africans (and presumably, Haitian-Africans, because, well, they had to fall into bed together at some point, right?) rose up against French colonial rule, and fought for their freedom in a bloody Haitian Revolution.

haitian-revolutionThe Haitians won.

This victory was the shot heard ‘round the world of slave owners.

It was the first time in the history of oppressed brown people that they fought back & won.

It blew the minds of White colonists everywhere, especially in America because our entire economy was based on slavery.

Slaveholders became terrified that if slaves could unite like they did for the Haitian Revolution, they might do it again.

Moreover, it was a very public slap in the face to Western world Whites, to have Blacks rise up & smite them. It was just unheard of.

runaway-slave-reward-flyerAnd unacceptable.

The Haitian Revolution was the beginning of America’s feeling of anger & resentment toward Haiti.

An anger which blazed increasingly hot with the fire of vengeance when America’s slaves began escaping to Haiti.

Haiti, who welcomed African slaves escaping from America with open arms, protected them from re-capture by American slave owners.

Successive centuries of American presidents would never forgive Haiti for that.

slaves=moneyThose Haitians had fucked with the foundation of our economy.

Slaves = money.

Lost slaves = lost income.

Worse, those Haitians had fucked with the Western world order of White supremacy.

Whites = power.

Blacks = slaves.

This long-simmering resentment remains at the core of our foreign policy with Haiti today.


Reminiscent of Bush Jr. wildly riding his black horse named Vengeance into Iraq.

Nothing to do with 9/11…just long-simmering Bush Sr. resentments to avenge.

And, well, there was all that oil.

And, finally, a reason to go in and get it…



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11 thoughts on “Diary of an American Girl’s Journeys to the Forbidden Land (Excerpt 19)

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  4. On a lighter note, being a fan of The Bloggress (http://thebloggess.com), my mind immediately thinks “husband of Jenny Lawson” whenever I see “Victor.” Imagine my momentary disorientation. What was the beleaguered husband of The Bloggress doing talking about Cuba and Haiti? Well, obviously he wasn’t, but it was an interesting alternate reality for a moment. And speaking of alternate realities, I sometimes think for all our similarities, you and I also live in alternate realities. You had me nodding my head almost to the end of your blog….almost.

    • Hahaha! Can you imagine? 🙂

      And, yeah, I knew you wouldn’t be on board the freedom rocket. 😉 But I like your analogy of our alternate realities. I think you may be right about that…

    • You’re welcome, Eva. As I travel, I’m consistently amazed at just how much information is withheld from us here, and I really hate that. It puts us in the position of making decisions & judgements in a misinformation vacuum, which never fails to come back and bite us on our misinformed asses every time – leaving us ignorantly wondering, “Why do they hate America so much? What have we ever done to them?”

      I really wish we could learn the truth HERE in our own country instead of having our ignorance on display when we travel overseas. It would also save us from suffering the consequences of a government who intentionally warps information, and thereby our viewpoint of other nations, to keep us from looking too deeply into our own foreign policy & how it affects the lives of people in the many countries that hate us so much. 😐

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