You know how when a kid’s nose gets congested…


a parent will use her own mouth to suck out the snot?


[I don’t have kids, so excuse me while I projectile vomit]

Animal mothers lick snot too, right after giving birth, in order to make sure mucus isn’t clogging their newborn’s nostrils.

But they also perform a similar vomit-inducing act – to the other end.


I know.

Two words that should remain as far away from each other as possible.

Yet, much like human parents who have no qualms about siphoning snot, animal parents don’t see the brouhaha about licking booty.

Same shit, different species!


This booty-licious animal behavior helps young offspring to defecate by stimulating the anus.

Let’s allow Mama Doe to demonstrate, shall we?

First she feeds…


Photo: Sylver Blaque
I had to crouch down on the deck to remain unobtrusive, so could only take photo between the railing bars.


(Everybody freeze!)


Photo: Sylver Blaque
They heard me when I tried to sneak closer for a better photo. I ducked behind a bush & crouched there, still as a statue, until they convinced themselves that I didn’t exist.


…then she does the booty-lick to coax out some poo.


Photo: Sylver Blaque
Burpin’ the booty!

Kind of like how we burp babies.

Only nastier.

I see this behavior all the time at work. And since the animal babies we get have usually lost their mothers, we burp the booty ourselves with wet sponge slivers to mimic a mother’s tongue. Works every time!

Now, here’s the rub.

And when I say ‘rub,’ think ‘tongue.’

Because you know that Foreign Eyes Friday is all about getting you to see things with new eyes…putting yourself in another’s mind.

Soooo, open your mind and stick out your tongue…

…as you read about a new expression of man’s love for animals.

But I warn you…it will redefine your concept of booty-licious forever!


Are you able to see animal love with new eyes?



Foreign Eyes Friday


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