Earth vs. Profit

Only when the last tree has died…the last river poisoned…the last fish caught, will we realize that we cannot eat money.”

Cree Indian Wisdom



Blaque Diamonds


14 thoughts on “Earth vs. Profit

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  2. If I was not already a Presbyterian I think the religion I would choose is that of the North American Indians. Such reverence and respect for living and inanimate things as well.

  3. I’m afraid that’s very sad but true; in our state, the Republican governor is trying to do away with the environmental protection laws that are on the books……..The Federal Government is leaning in the same direction….

    • Regrettably, ‘government’ is synonymous with ‘profit’ – which is diametrically opposed to ‘earth.’ She (Mother Earth) gives with both hands, only to have her gifts destroyed by greed. When will we ever learn…?

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