Bat-Man Technology

bat-earsBats are paving the way for robots and autonomous vehicles.


You bet it is.

As reported in PopSci, “Most autonomous systems have lasers, sonar, or video cameras that can deliver vast streams of two- and three-dimensional data, helping the robot or aircraft sense its position and the obstacles it must face. But sometimes there’s just too much information, which can overwhelm the systems’ necessarily small on-board computers.

Bats, however, have ‘ear baffles’ – grooves, flaps, and ridges within the ear – which can compute and filter enormous amounts of information at the speed of sound in order to make split-second decisions about which way to turn, swirl or dive.

Virginia Tech researchers believe that understanding a bat’s ears could lead to customizable sensing systems in robots, vehicles, aircraft, and other autonomous technology.

No doubt, bats are quite ingenious.

But I just think they’re cute.


Fruit bat.


World News Wednesday


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