Politics Test

Here’s an eye-opening Politics Test from a Wandering American.

Though dated, the questions are interesting & make you think about exactly what it is you truly believe.


Do your results match your view of your political self?


Random Topic Tuesday


8 thoughts on “Politics Test

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  2. Well, I’m a Social Liberal (73% permissive) and an Economic Liberal (13% permissive), meaning I am best described as a Socialist.
    I can live with this πŸ˜‰

  3. I’m a social moderate,an economic conservative and a centrist. That’s why I get so mad when people label me as uncaring or mean, just because I ask “how are we going to pay for it?”

    • Sticks & stones. Don’t let the name-calling get to you. You do not strike me as mean or uncaring. I think you are concerned about the state of our nation & how it affects our lives. Name-calling is the easy out for those not willing to explore WHY a person feels the way they do. The WHY is key to understanding (and the solution to name-calling! πŸ˜‰ ) Moreover, one person’s “mean” may be another person’s logic. For example, ignoring the question “How are we going to pay for it?” has contributed to the mess we’re in now. Our military spending, to name one instance, is off the charts. Yet each administration continues this financial/human cost bloodletting without hesitation or conscience.

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