Hands Up!


Imagine being able to have an entire conversation without opening your mouth.

Pretty cool, huh?

You could stuff yourself silly with garlic and onions without worrying about your breath.

Sweet! 🙂

Well, pack up for a jaunt to Italy – where learning the language involves more than your mouth…

Italian Hand Gestures

Italians in Italy Demonstrate Hand Gestures


Can you see yourself communicating in non-verbal Italian?


Foreign Eyes Friday


7 thoughts on “Hands Up!

    • Ahhh, so you mastered gestures before language. Makes perfect sense – I always find that gestures service me well until I learn the language. But I’ve also learned the embarrassing way not to assume that gestures in the country I’m from will translate correctly to the country I’m in! 😯

      But you’ve also mastered the language of food & wine – universal! 🙂

      • Well, I studied Italian for 3 years in College, studied in Sicily, as well as living and working in Italy off and on for the past 5 years, so the gestures did not come without some grasp of the actual language 🙂
        I am just always wanting to improve and this is why I am back in school before my trip in 3 weeks.
        Yes, the food and wine I speak much more eloquently than Dante’s Italian 🙂

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