Song: Mamadi

            Artist: Lucky Diop

                          Country: Africa (Senegal)

                                           Genre: World


Mood: Entrancing acappella echoes through the soul. This is one of my all-time faves. There’s just something so raw and deeply relaxing about it. Then the ending sends you off to party!


World Music Monday


6 thoughts on “Mamadi

  1. That is one amazing photo. Ive always wanted to visit Senegal, looks like such a vibrant, colorful country, and up beat music too!

    • You & me both! I would so love to visit Senegal. It’s on my to-go list right after the Congo & Gabon. Their music is just mind-blowing…my take me away relaxation fix. 🙂

      • Hmmm Congo might have to wait until there is less chance of being killed haha. That is one dodgy place at the moment. 😮

        • True. But hey, I’m accustomed to traveling to dodgy places & you’re accustomed to traveling to Africa, so maybe we should hit the Congo 2gether & pool our knowledge & instincts to help keep each other alive! 🙂

          Hmm…not exactly the most inviting travel proposal, huh? 😯

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