Friday Blaque List 21

What I’m…


Kind of freaking out, but trying instead to recapture an amazing feeling I had during an alarming dream.




A few nights ago I had a 2012 dream. I know, I know. It’s just a dream. Except it isn’t. My dreams often happen. Family thing. Inherited from ‘seer’ maternal grandmothers as far back as our family can remember.

But, here’s the thing about this particular dream: 4 family members and a ‘seer’ friend in Norway had nearly the same dream on the exact same night. My Norwegian friend actually called the day after I had the dream to tell me about her nearly identical dream. She also said a friend of hers in Kenya called on Tues. to tell of nearly the same dream members of her family had the night before.

AND I’ve received calls this week from overseas friends in Ireland, the Azores, and 2 different friends in India who don’t know each other about the same dreams they’ve had beginning on Sunday night.


I mean, this can’t be normal. Mass dreaming? There’s no such thing. There’s mass hysteria, mass UFO sightings, mass other stuff…but not mass dreaming. Right?


What I…


All of our dreams had these specific commonalities:


1. Tilting. People in the dream were not able to walk straight. They were leaning & falling as if drunk, but they weren’t drunk. There was a distinct sense in the dream that everyone was fully cognizant and mentally clear, but very confused and frightened

2. Animals going nuts. All our dreams began inside, and something occurred which made us go outside to see what was happening. While we were inside, those of us with pets watched them  spin in wobbly circles, fall over, bark/meow or whine, or hide & whimper. When we got outside, we saw birds flying haphazardly & some fell right out of the sky & flapped helplessly around on the ground. But like the people, the animals weren’t sick or injured.


In the dream, it was like we were in the consciousness of the people and the animals. We could feel that they were completely lucid, but off-balance & afraid.

3. Not one of us can remember if it was day or night. We just couldn’t tell. We remember feeling confused about that while in the dream.

4. It was completely silent. Like we had gone deaf. Those of us with pets heard them barking/meowing/whining in our heads, like, right inside our brains. But it wasn’t actually sound, it was more like visual with the knowing of the sounds but not actually hearing them outwardly. Hard to explain.

6. In our dreams, we knew – without knowing how we knew – that it was December of this year.


There were no telltale giveaways like weather, or calendars. We just knew in the same way we knew that the people & animals were not intoxicated or sick, and that they were terrified.

7. None of us were frightened in the dream. We were just observers. It was like, we were there watching everyone else be terrified, but we felt quite removed from it all in a strangely peaceful way because we knew that everything was going to turn out the way it should for the good of everyone on the planet. And when I say ‘peaceful,’ I mean enormously peaceful. Lovingly peaceful. Indefinably peaceful.


We all said the same thing: we felt like we were channeling every ounce of good in the Universe. It felt indescribable, so much so that none of us wanted to wake up.



 Slightly embarrassed to reveal this, but wondering if anyone else has had this dream…


Have you recently had a dream with these elements?

What do you think about this? Are we all crazy?



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25 thoughts on “Friday Blaque List 21

  1. Commonality of dreams is the underlying premise of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” “Now, we know in part and we prophesy in part …” So many things to learn – and a mere eternity to figure it all out.

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  3. You know, there are many explanations about “common dreams.”
    Perhaps one of you is a powerful “seer” and can influence the dreams of others? (Just offering alternatives, not saying that the dream can’t be significant)

  4. I don’t know about 2012.
    But I know that I half-saw 9/11 coming — a little less than a month earlier.
    I’d been waiting fire and destruction for half the month of August and up to the 11th of Sept, but I imagined it was going to be closer.
    (Yes, I have “seen” the near future in dreams sometimes)

    • You know, I’m not surprised by this. There was a study conducted in the states about the number of people who suffered debilitating dreams and psychologically-induced physical ailments (“phantom” ailments) in the weeks before 9/11. The conclusion was that it was beyond the realm of coincidence…

  5. I certainly don’t believe in coincidence, everything happens for a reason. I’ve always kinda felt that something could very well happen in December of this year. A cleansing, so-to-say, not the end. Have you noticed that things around us, like politics, uprisings all over the world, global money problems, droughts, etc., etc., seem to be getting worse, or at least coming to a head?

    • I agree. I really don’t see Armageddon or anything that catastrophic. I believe we will still be here, but in a state of infrastructure upheaval. More importantly however, I believe our current dominant value system will be turned on its head & the things we are destroying will be the very things we’ll need to survive…

  6. I don’t find this strange at all ~ rather wonderful really. We are all connected, so why wouldn’t we be dreaming similar things at similar times especially with people we know. I haven’t had this specific type of dream, but recent dreams of such darn happiness and peace and all will be well. That’s what I hold deeply inside every cell ~ that no matter how chaotic it may get, I will keep my center, my balance, my connection to who I am, to Spirit and breathe … knowing that all is well. My young life was a choatic, traumatic journey but one early evening, Mary stood in front of me as real as all life, telling me that all would be well. This is a time when we are becoming more sensitive, more open, more aware ~ yes, at different times and levels, but the magic is happening … we can say yes or we can run and hide and be afraid. Like in your dream, you said yes with all the chaos around, you knew. Pretty cool Sylver!

    • Thank you for sharing these feelings, Patricia. Living in a society that values tangible fact over spiritual feeling can be difficult, and it’s so wonderful to hear you express your spiritual side openly. I was raised to hide our family’s prophetic side – which I did gladly because every time I shared a dream and it materialized, people would either completely freak out, or bend themselves into pretzels trying to rationalize the event. I learned quickly to keep my dreams to myself. If I had lived in a different era, I may have been burned as a witch! Luckily, in this era, all anyone can do is label me. No fire! 🙂

  7. I’ve had strange dreams lately, but all I can remember about them is that there was chaos around me, but I was calm and blissful- which is not me, at all!

  8. That’s cool and weird at the same time. There’s certainly enough doomsday stuff out there for these elements of it to be dreamed by a lot of people on any given night. That you know so many of them is the real oddity. I’ve had too many significant dreams with significant results to doubt their potential power, but I’ve also had a whole lot of dreams that seemed significant for some reason or another turn out to be nothing. Keep us updated!

    • This is exactly what I was wondering! We all know some “doomsday stuff” from all the publicity it’s receiving lately. So, I wonder if we all just dreamed about all the stuff we’ve been hearing, and that’s why our dreams are so similar? But then why in the same week? Or is it just that there was more stuff out there about it this particular week? Idk. But you’re right, it’s totally weird. Weird enough that I want to simultaneously put it out of my head (fear) & dig deeper (curiosity). I will definitely keep you posted…

  9. Wow. That’s very strange!! I haven’t had any dreams about that, but I do remember having a very vivid recurring nightmare as a child and teen. I remember the first time someone else told me about their dream (not having heard about mine) and it was identical and freaked me out.

    • Wow, so maybe unrelated people having the same dream isn’t an anomaly? Within my family (especially among the ‘seers’ ) we often have duplicate dreams which eventually materialize – but we’re accustomed to this. It’s the unrelated, outside friends having the same dreams that’s sort of freaking me out…

  10. Well that gave me chills. I am actually one of the people that are concerned about the Mayan calander. I mean overly concerned to the point of some preparation, with more to follow. This was quite a post. I am going to forward this to my son who also is real concerned.

    • It’s a relief to hear that I’m not the only one considering the validity of the Mayan calendar. Since this dream, I’ve contacted a Mayan friend in Guatemala, just to hear her take on 2012. She lives in a pretty technologically inaccessible area in the mountains, so I have yet to hear back from her. But my contacts will eventually find her, as they always do & she will send a message back. I’m sort of holding my breath until…

      • My son and I have been discussing this for sometime. I have a list of things to get, not in an over the top way, but just to stay alive for awhile, if it becomes necessary. You would honor me if you would continue to blog about this or make your information available in some way.

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