Turkey’s Response to U.S. Oil Sanctions Against Iran

no-oil-from-iran-signIn compliance with U.S. demands that countries reduce dependence on Iranian oil, Turkey is drawing up plans to decrease a portion of its supply of the natural resource from the Islamic republic.

Instead, Turkey will purchase about 1 million tons of crude oil from Libya in 2012.

We believe that this was the right step to take, to boost our commercial relationship with Libya and help with the normalization of the country,” says Turkey’s Energy Minister, Taner Yıldız.

However, this reduction in dependence on Iranian oil does not signify agreement with the U.S. regarding Iran’s nuclear intentions.

As reported by Hürriyet Daily News, Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan clarified that his country will “reduce the amount of crude oil it purchases from Iran by 20 percent, and that the reduced amount would be met via other sources,” such as Libya.

iranians-protest-u.s.-oil-sanctionsFurther, PM Erdoğan says he is ‘convinced’ that Iran’s controversial nuclear program is peaceful. “Don’t they have the right to a nuclear program for peaceful purposes?” Erdoğan asked, pointing out that inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) failed to confirm that Iran was developing a nuclear bomb.

Erdoğan added, “We hope that the world will be fair to everyone. Israel, for instance, has a number of [nuclear] warheads. No one is calling them to account for that. The West must hold them accountable. So, therefore, we are compelled to think that they [the U.S.] are not sincere and we are asking why.”


To balance the commonly held Western view about the U.S. & Isreal’s relationship with Iran, take a look at these revealing videos.

‘U.S. Hypocrisy Toward Iran

Isreal’s ‘Nuclear Hypocrisy


What’s your view about Iran’s nuclear program?

Do you support U.S. sanctions against Iran?


World News Wednesday


5 thoughts on “Turkey’s Response to U.S. Oil Sanctions Against Iran

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  2. Hmmm… Why is the US biased in favor of Israel? It might possibly have to do with Israel taking hundreds of millions of dollars in aid given by the US and using it to lobby in Washington. The traitors who take their dirty money deserve to hang. I keep it real.

    • What really amazes me is how this, and other such bread crumbs, fail to lead us to clarified conclusions. Instead it’s all very muddled in our minds, becoming more and more opaque with each international event. This is no accident…

  3. As a native and resident of the Eastern Mediterranean region, I might kindly request a guest post on the subject, please… 😉

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