Psychic Cars vs. Hijacked GPS

psychic-with-crystal-ballPsychic cars?

Your GPS controlled by retailers?

What is the future of driving coming to?

Well, in one scenario, we’re the boss. Our cars take us where we want to go.

In the other scenario, someone else is in the driver’s seat. Our GPS systems chart routes which take us where retailers want us to go. We’ll get to our intended destination…eventually.

But allow yourself extra time for retail-orchestrated detours.

As reported in Popsci, new smart car technology developed in Switzerland allows automobiles to read our minds. Having succeed in creating thought-controlled wheelchairs, the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) – an innovative technical university – is working with Nissan to construct an environmental and biometric-controlled system which will be able to anticipate a driver’s next move.

How is that possible?

Check out this demonstration video:

German Autonomous Car Project Demonstrates Driving With Brainwaves.


In essence, “Cars will prepare themselves for an upcoming task the driver already has in mind, maybe slowing down to ready for a turn, or changing lanes in anticipation of a highway exit,” says José del R. Millán, a professor at EPFL who is leading the research project.“The idea is to blend driver and vehicle intelligence together in such a way that eliminates conflicts between them.”



Well, maybe.

angry-driverBecause retailers don’t really want you, or your car, thinking for yourselves. They’d rather do the thinking for both of you.

Enter IBM.

Popsci reports, “IBM has apparently patented a couple ideas for earning fees by monitoring driver activity. One plan would encourage drivers to take different routes that bring them past certain retail establishments…”

These retail stores, eateries, etc. will pay handsomely for the privilege of re-routing your car’s GPS unit – taking you slightly off-course to seduce you into their lairs. IBM’ Smarter Traffic division’s new patent GPS application is devoted to planning your driving route.

As detailed in Popsci, “It may not be the best route for you, unless you’re actually craving Starbucks when your car just happens to reroute you past one.”


Are you ready to trade up for a psychic car?

How do you feel about your GPS in the clutches of retailers?


World News Wednesday


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